Golden State Media Podcasts Moving to BlogTalkRadio

The Golden State Media podcasting network will be joining BlogTalkRadio. They will bring 20+ shows to the platform to take advantage of BlogTalkRadio’s unique monetization offerings.

Golden State Media CEO, Andrew Tate says, “Combining the GSMC Podcast Network with BlogTalkRadio is the perfect fit to move Golden State Media Concepts into the future of podcast media.”

BlogTalkRadio’s Head of Content Jay “PodVader” Soderberg is excited to welcome Golden State. “They are a prominent voice in the podcasting landscape,” he says.

Golden State will start with 20 shows but has plans to expand their slate as early as the summer of 2017. Soderberg adds “It’s an honor to serve a network as vast as Golden State Media, with podcasts covering a multitude of different niches from sports to pop culture.”

Fans can subscribe to podcasts on the Golden State Media network page or the individual episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio or Aha Radio.




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BlogTalkRadio, in conjunction with P.I. Media, is proud to present the Curious Minds’ podcast series, ‘Heroes Of Podcasting’

The Heroes Of Podcasting multi-part series on the Curious Minds podcast features interviews with pioneers of podcasting, some of whom have been trail blazing as far back as 2004. Other featured content creators started just a few years ago – yet each one of them will shine a new and unique light on this new and vibrant media. Ran Levi, co-host and producer for the Curious Minds podcast, said “For me, as someone who was involved with podcasting almost from its beginnings, the goal of the series is to give the listeners a sense of how podcasting got to be what it is today, through the personal stories of those who helped shape it.”

Part one, featuring Professor Karlheinz Brandenburg – the inventor of the MP3, is now available at BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, and Aha Radio.


Among the distinguished guests in the series –

Some of the other topics explored in the series include –

  • Attitudes towards monetization of podcasts in the media’s early days, and the advantages and disadvantages of current monetization strategies.

“Even though they are supposedly non-commercial, if you listen to public broadcasting in the US […] you’ll notice it’s almost indistinguishable from commercial broadcasting in other countries. […] Those are ads. I’m sorry. If companies are giving you money […] – it’s an ad! And it bothers me that they pretend that it’s not an ad.”    Leo Laporte (This Week In Tech, TWIT network)

 “We have a saying, here in America, every kid learns it […] ‘The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming!’ My warning to podcasters right now is – ‘The suits are coming, the suits are coming’, and they’re circling the wagons.”    Todd Cochrane (CEO at RawVoice/blubrry)

  • The relationship between Radio – especially Public Radio, commercial podcasts and independent audio creators.

“Third Coast never got media or press. Radio never reported [about us] – there was never any radio about the Third Coast Festival. Very little, over the years. We never understood why it wasn’t seen as important as the Film festivals in the industry.”     Julie Shapiro (Executive Producer at Radiotopia network)

“When we can capture [the car’s market] – FM is doomed.”    Todd Cochrane (CEO at RawVoice/blubrry)

  • The technical challenges of podcasting in the past and present, and more.

“I think that as podcasters, we need to get really good at explaining, at a real basic level, what is a podcast.”     Aaron Mahnke (Lore Podcast)

“To me, podcasting is all about storytelling. You can tell a story whether it’s sports, business, science, health – you name it. It’s all storytelling.”    Jay Soderberg (Head of Content at BlogTalkRadio, former ESPN podcast producer)

About Curious Minds Podcast   (

Curious Minds is a podcast (Radio-On-Demand) about Science, Technology, and History. Each episode brings interesting, entertaining and in-depth stories from a wide range of subjects: from Physics and Astronomy to Medicine, Art and Science Fiction.

Hosts:  Ran Levi (B.Sc. EE) and Kelly O’Laughlin  (Author & Podcaster,  “A Highly Sensitive Person’s Life”)

About P.I.Media Ltd

P.I.Media  was founded in 2015 by Dani Timor (CEO) and Ran Levi (Executive Producer). It produces five podcasts in Hebrew & English for international audiences.

The network’s most successful podcast is Making History, a bi-weekly podcast in Hebrew about Science, Technology and History. Making History has been running from 2007, and reaches 50K-100K listeners per week, making it one of the biggest podcasts in the world, relative to its potential audience (there are only an estimated 10 million Hebrew speakers globally).

Among P.I.Media’s advertising partners are some of the world’s leading Tech & Financial organizations, such as Microsoft, CitiBank, Wix, Outbrain, MyHeritage, Akamai, RedHat and many others.

About BlogTalkRadio

Founded in 2006, BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. The platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live, publish on-demand, syndicate, measure, and monetize conversational format podcasts. Hosts can capture interviews with guests from any geographic location using nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and a broadband Internet connection.

PR Contact:   Dani Timor,

3 Podcast Monetization Predictions from Andy Toh, BlogTalkRadio’s Chief Architect & GM

This week, Seth Resler (Digital Dot Connector, Jacobs Media) interviewed Andy Toh about podcast monetization and measurement. Andy has been developing large-scale digital media properties for quite some time and is working to create ways for more hosts to earn money podcasting. As of now, only 8% of podcast hosts qualify for traditional revenue generating programs because many platforms want to see at least 5,000 downloads per latest episode before they start monetization efforts for a host. On top of this, podcasters in the 8% often leave money on the table because of how CPMs are paid for the first 45 – 60 days after a new episode. Since episodes are listened to on-demand after the 60 day mark, potential revenues are being lost.

When Andy arrived at BlogTalkRadio in 2014, he began developing technologies to extend monetization opportunities to more hosts. Here are his 3 podcast monetization predictions:

  1. As podcasters experiment with content strategies, editorial patterns will emerge. Podcast listenership will grow as more and more podcasters focus on creating high quality content that audiences love.
  2. Richer diversity of ad formats will help more podcasters access monetization opportunities and boost incomes of podcasters who are already earning podcast revenues.
  3. Automation on the buy-side will increase competition and efficiency. Right now, about 2/3 of digital ad buys are sold programmatically. Direct sales will account for premium offerings and a larger share of podcasters will be able to put their inventory up for bidding in marketplaces. 

You can read Andy’s insights and predictions about podcast revenues and check out BlogTalkRadio’s monetization platform.

BlogTalkRadio & Simple Podcast Press Join Forces to Create Publisher-Grade Podcasting Toolkit

[Simple Podcast Press & BlogTalkRadio] Today, Simple Podcast Press and BlogTalkRadio are pleased to announce a partnership that offers podcasters a simple toolkit that helps them grow their audience quickly by syndicating their shows across all podcasting platforms including their own website. This partnership solidifies an integrated podcasting platform that combines:

  • A publisher-grade podcast media hosting & publishing toolkit that scales as podcasters grow, enabling podcasters to:
    • Publish as much as they want per month, and manage their content easily
    • Host podcast episodes up to an initial limit of 500 hrs of content (in addition to initial import), but this limit grows as you grow
    • Import all your past episodes in one click
    • Syndicate their podcasts to iTunes, Apple Podcast App, Overcast, Stitcher, Pocketcasts and many other podcasting applications
    • Stream their podcast episodes everywhere – via social media, across the web, and on their own sites
    • Gain additional exposure on— a site visited by millions of monthly listeners, with a show page and episodes featured on the site
    • Measure all their listening activity across all channels including streams and downloads from across the web and mobile, social media streams, and app downloads.
    • Access accurate readings of real human activity on shows and critical insights on episode level engagement. 
    • Monetize listening activity against all episodes (not just the new) and across all listening channels to gain up to 6x more revenue potential than prevailing methods
  • A best in class podcast website publishing tool enables podcasters to:
    • Import all their existing podcast episodes in seconds to your wordpress site with a single click
    • Fully automate the publishing of new podcast episodes to their WordPress site
    • Grow their audience instantly by adding an email opt-in box and call-to-action buttons below each player
    • Keep their listeners engaged by adding clickable timestamps that allow them to easily jump to a specific time in the episode. 
    • Add social proof by showcasing their latest worldwide iTunes reviews anywhere on their website 

Typically, podcasters have to juggle multiple technical services to operate their podcasts: One for media hosting and syndication, one for streaming and sharing, one for measurement (if they want accurate metrics), one for monetization, and others for website publishing operations. It’s impossible to compare listening and engagement data from platforms that use different measurement techniques. On top of this issue, podcasting workflows become messy and podcasters bear the cost disadvantages of cobbling services together. This partnership creates a complete publisher-grade podcast publishing toolkit that unifies all of the critical functions needed by both new and established podcasters into a simple and integrated workflow. Podcasters no longer have to juggle disjointed services and pay a hefty premium of time and fees in the process.

“When I first met Hani two years ago as I initially entered the world of podcasting, it was at a demo of his very impressive and easy to use podcast website publishing plugin. We both saw a need for simplicity and engineering maturity in the podcasting space. I think this partnership brings together functions that really should not be separated in a podcasters workflow. We are excited to have integrated with the stellar SPP platform, and to be in partnership with the man behind it.” said BlogTalkRadio GM and Chief Architect, Andy Toh.

Hani Mourra, Simple Podcast Press Creator & CEO, said “The seamless integration between the Simple Podcast Press and BlogTalkRadio lets podcasters have the best of both worlds by automatically publishing podcast episodes to their WordPress site, while still taking advantage of the accurate and advanced stats tracking made available by the new BlogTalkRadio player and data platform.”

To take advantage of this partnership, podcasters can head to this page.

About Simple Podcast Press

Created by Hani Mourra in 2014, Simple Podcast Press is a WordPress plugin that is designed to automate the publishing of podcast episodes to your website, grow your audience, and build your email list faster than ever before. This tool also allows you to engage with your listeners using clickable timestamps and clutter-free transcripts, add social proof by showcasing your latest world-wide iTunes reviews, easily share your show notes with the automatic URL shortener and one click tweetables, and much more. With all of its latest features, it has evolved to becoming a must-have tool for all podcasters using the WordPress platform to power their website.

About BlogTalkRadio

Founded in 2006, BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. The platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live, publish on-demand, syndicate, measure, and monetize conversational format podcasts. Hosts can capture interviews with guests from any geographic location using nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and a broadband Internet connection.

Contact Candace Williams (Head of Community, BlogTalkRadio) with any questions or comments:

Update: RSS feed authorship

We have good news about your RSS feed! Now, ownership in your RSS feed, iTunes, Stitcher, and anywhere else we distribute your content, lists you as the copyright holder. You’ve always had 100% ownership of your content but due to a labeling bug your name was not listed in that section of the feed. Take time to head to your settings and make sure your First Name and Last name are filled out in your account settings. Below, I’ll explain why the change took so long and how we were able to do it.

Hosts reported they wanted to see their names as the author of their content and also want the copyright notice to include their names in their RSS feeds. This was not possible owing to a database restriction that we took a long time to remove. This created a rather unsavory situation— despite the fact that our Terms of Use states ownership and copyright is owned by hosts, this contradiction (which is purely a labeling bug), meant that our competitors were able to use this point to spread confusion about hosts’ ownership of their content on BlogTalkRadio.

We have removed the database roadblock that prevented us from displaying proper ownership and copyright information in your RSS feeds. This means, the copyright name on iTunes, Stitcher, and other places your RSS feed distributes content will list your name. Please take time to make sure the correct name is in your account.To set your Author and Copyright Ownership, please proceed to your settings, and under Author/Contact Info, set your First Name, Last Name (which is used for the copyright field), and your Display Name (which is used as the author field) to what you want to be displayed in your RSS feed.

We thought we had resolved this when we clarified the Terms of Use in 2014, but thanks to a number of hosts, knew that there was still this last place to clean up.

We hope this lays rumors to rest for good. The notion that somehow by hosting your podcast on BlogTalkRadio you would lose ownership of your content is false. We want to affirm, that is flat out untrue and has never been true at BlogTalkRadio. Hosts have always owned their content and rights to their original content. If you have any questions, email our support team. We’ll be happy to help.

Best regards,

Andy Toh
Chief Architect and General Manager

Radio’s Cooper Lawrence and Bravo TV host Vikki Ziegler Win Prestigious Gracie Award for their “Hollywood Hookups and Breakups” Podcast

Radio veteran Cooper Lawrence and her co-host Vikki Ziegler of Bravo TV’s Untying the Knot have won a Gracie award for their podcast, Hollywood Hookups and Breakups. The award-winning episode featured guests Alyssa Milano and Karen Gravano discussing parenting.

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF) selects Gracies Award winners each year for “exemplary programming created by women, for women and about women in all facets of media.”

Cooper Lawrence commented “Vikki and I are honored to join the women who are doing so much for others through broadcasting. We are humbled and grateful to all those who have laid the groundwork so that we can be here right now doing what we love.” 

Andy Toh, GM of BlogTalkRadio, congratulated the co-hosts saying “Cooper and Vikki demonstrate how well professionals in other media can make a successful transition to podcasting. We’re extremely proud to be the podcasting platform of choice for Hollywood Hookups and Breakups.”

Listeners can subscribe to “Hollywood Hookups and Breakups” on popular podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, or tune in as each episode is released on BlogTalkRadio each Wednesday.



About BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. Founded in 2006, the pioneering BlogTalkRadio platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live or on demand, syndicate, measure and monetize conversational format podcasts featuring guests and listeners from any geographic location, with nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and a broadband internet connection.

Ready for a talk-specific embeddable player? We thought so.

Most embeddable players are designed for music content. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new podcast player. We set out to design a highly-shareable podcast player with a talk-format specific user interface and our accurate measurement system under the hood.

You can embed our new, sleek player anywhere – from mobile pages and social media feeds to websites and blogs. Our player measures all of these listens, whether they happen via a tweet, mobile visit, or fan blog post.

You can track listens from all channels in one place – including listens from the BTR site and RSS feed, your website, social media, external blogs and websites, mobile, iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, and other pod catchers. 

Everyone can embed the single-episode player and multiplayer. You can even encourage listeners to embed episodes on their blogs and social media posts. Hosts with large accounts can also use the player to stream their live shows.

During our soft-launch phase, we saw a significant increase in listens for hosts who adopted the player on websites, blogs, and social media posts.

If you’ve embedded the old player, you’ll notice we’ve updated the look and feel. If you’d like your listeners to see the wave animation, you’ll need to update the embed code.

We’ve written a support article that explains how to embed the single-episode and multiplayer. Check it out and feel free to email if you have any questions. We’d also love to hear host feedback about the player. Email your feedback to

NBA Roundtable Podcast on BlogTalkRadio

With another season of the NBA about to debut, BlogTalkRadio gathered five of their popular hosts to preview the 2016/2017 season.  The roundtable includes Nate Duncan, Danny Leroux, Chris Sheridan, Coach Nick and is moderated by Adam Stanco.  Listen to learn about how teams reacted to the Warriors winning the title, what role LeBron James will play with a loaded roster and season predictions.  

This season preview is the beginning of a basketball roundtable series. Download and listen to all of these shows all season long for the best coverage of the NBA around.

Here are the participants of the roundtable:

Nate DuncanDunc’d On

Nate hosts the most in-depth NBA podcast around.  New episodes are available 5 days a week featuring detailed game breakdowns, salary cap analysis and scouting.

Danny LerouxReal GM offers users all the data and tools required to simulate the experience of a real general manager. NBA teams have been using RealGM’s breakthrough technology since 2003. Danny hosts the weekly podcast keeping listeners abreast of the latest happenings in the NBA.

Coach NickBBall Breakdown

Coach Nick (founder of has dedicated himself to preserving the fundamentals of basketball. By paying close attention off the ball, he opens up a whole new way to watch and analyze the game. Coach Nick is a basketball historian as well, amassing exclusive interviews with some of the great minds of the game including Tex Winter, Pete Newell, Pete Carril, and Dean Smith.

Chris SheridanSheridan Hoops Radio

Chris offers daily podcasts with the best that the NBA and basketball journalism has to offer. After six years at ESPN and 18 years at the Associated Press, Chris is providing NBA and international basketball news, commentary and analysis on an independent level.

Adam StancoGreat Point Podcast

Adam is a former producer from ESPN and currently works at the Pac-12 Network. Using his vast array of contacts, Adam presents interviews with some of the most interesting minds in basketball and TV.