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4 Podcasts for Modern Parents

Here’s to the parents who play video games, crack jokes, or run their own business after they drop their kids off at school. These four podcasts are for you.

Gaming with the Moms

Moms Linda Breneman and Nicole Tanner and non-mom Simone de Rochefort talk and laugh about the intersection between games and family life. Whether you have consoles in the house, want to select educational games for your children, or miss Yoshi, this podcast is for you. In episode 19, they interviewed the Former Senior Advisor for Digital Media for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy about educational video games.

Gaming With The Moms on BlogTalkRadio


HaHaas for HooHaas Podcast

In 2011, Anna Lind Thomas realized that funny women needed a funny website. Now, she’s on a mission to create a podcast for women to share their funny stories with co-host Susannah Lewis.

“Motherhood and womanhood can be a very serious thing, which is why it all needs to be made fun of relentlessly” says Anna. Laugh along with their latest episode below.

HaHas for HooHas Podcast on BlogTalkRadio


The Indie Parent

Amy Bellgardt & Désirée Fawn are Indie Parents on a mission to offer stories, tips, support and inspiration for other self-employed and entrepreneurial parents out there. They talk about everything from self care to social media. You can catch-up on season 1 and start season 2 now.

The Indie Parent on BlogTalkRadio



Nominated for an IAWTV Award for Best Live Series, MomCave LIVE has been described as “Wayne’s World for Moms”. Each week,  Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, Valisa Tate, and Stephanie Faith Scott laugh, confess, and sometimes play mommy-themed drinking games with their entertaining guests. Laugh and learn about everything from making mom friends to lactation.


MomCave LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

Alan & Friends Year-End Show Celebration with BlogTalkRadio Staff & Hosts

Alan Levy, CEO of BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy

We’re hosting a year-end show celebration, and you’re invited! Our Host No. 1 and CEO Alan Levy is throwing a year-end extravaganza with a few friends from the network.

He’ll be co-hosting the show with BlogTalkRadio’s own Amy Domestico, Customer Service & Co-Host of BlogTalkRadio University and Chitra Agrawal, Director of Marketing & Co-Host of BlogTalkRadio University and Storytellers.

Comedian Rodney Perry

Comedian Rodney Perry

Joining Alan, will be some of our most-loved hosts including Rodney Perry, Lara Galloway, Sree Sreenivasan, Eric Olsen, Gael Sylvia, Anthony Donahue and Halli Casser-Jayne. They’ll be gathering together on December 20 for the Alan & Friends’ Year-End Celebration.

Lara Galloway

Mom Biz Coach Lara Galloway

The fun begins Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. ET (save the date by joining our Facebook event), as BlogTalkRadio Co-Founder and CEO Alan Levy celebrates 2012 by welcoming an all-star lineup to chat about their shows, what’s next in 2013 and take live callers.

ASK AWAY: Got a question you’ve always wanted to ask our CEO or one of our featured hosts on the show? Join our Facebook event to save the date and tune in online or by dialing (866) 691-7714. Don’t miss it!

What’s New on BlogTalkRadio’s Featured Stations

Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones

Proper wear and care of soft contact lenses reduces the chance of developing problems that can affect your eye health and your vision. Tune into the new episode of Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones to learn the essentials of contact lens cleaning, insertion/removal and storage for all soft contact lens wearers. Also, in time for Halloween, optometrists Jason Pingel and Christi Closson share advice for parents and anyone thinking of purchasing or wearing cosmetic lenses without a contact lens examination and prescription. Tune in now.

Frank Fontana of The Down and Dirty

On Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, hear a chat with actor and podcaster Stephen Tobolowsky of Groundhog Day, Glee and The Tobolowsky Files. Also tune in for a visit from Andrew Johnson, master model builder from LEGOLAND Discovery Center and writer and musician David P. Murphy talking about his new book The Doomsday Survival Handbook. Tune in here.

Join Kary Valdes LCSW of Parent Talk with Kary, as she goes over over techniques to help improve and maintain your child’s self esteem.  She will also educate  you on the importance of having self confidence and ego strength and instilling these same qualities in your children. Tune in here.

The FlyLady and Mommy Bloggers Attack Multitasking with Palm Pre Plus

Attention frazzled parents: Life’s about to get more simple, thanks to the knowhow of our own Marla “The FlyLady” Cilley and the good people at Verizon Wireless.

Knowing that the Palm Pre Plus can be a busy parent’s best friend, Verizon thought it would be great to get this hip smartphone in the hands of the nation’s top mommy bloggers and let them take it for a spin.
flylady-verizon1The reviews are in, and the bloggers are ready to talk!

Today at 11 a.m. ET, Marla—aka the world’s greatest home- organization guru—will host a discussion where many of thoese moms will let us know just what innovative uses they’ve come up with for streamling and easing the innumerable burdens of parenthood.

During the live hourlong special, titled Multitasking with Smart Moms, Marla and her panel will touch on topics like:

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Internet Safety with The Puddle People on BlogTalkRadio

Studies show that 1 in 5 youth using the Internet receive an online sexual solicitation in a 1 year period, and 29% of children will freely give out their home address if asked.

Today at 1pm ET (click to listen), Jacalyn S. Leavitt, founder of Internet Keep Safe Coalition, joins Co-hosts Mary Beth Marino and Pam Sargant discuss Internet Safety, what parents and kids should know during The Puddle People Hour Show.

ikeepsafe The Internet Keep Safe Coalition group teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children and parents, reaching them online and in school. Governors and/or first spouses formed this coalition in partnership with a growing list of crime prevention organizations, law enforcement agencies, foundations and corporate sponsors.

The land of Puddle People Hour is where you will find many resources for children and parents alike, from interview authors of children’s books, to fun crafts, and it’s been said, even parents love the storytelling as much as the kids do!

Becoming a Mother: From Party to Parent

Kristen Chase, host of Motherhood Uncensored welcomes author Rebecca Woolf to BlogTalkRadio for a discussion of her new memoir.

RockabyeMotherhood Uncensored hosts Becoming a Mother: From Party to Parent tonight at 9pm ET (click to listen), featuring author Rebecca Woolf and her new memoir “Rockabye: From Wild to Child.”

Rebecca makes the transition from life as an odd-job doing commitment-phobic, chain-smoking, irresponsible party-girl to life as a work-at-home mother with a different kind of social life. Throughout, Rebecca doesn’t relinquish the token qualities of her free-spirited, pre-baby self; rebelling against both the “soccer mom,” and “young mother” stereotypes, challenging herself to grow up without outgrowing her dreams, and most importantly embracing motherhood without a map.

Sound like you or someone you know? Join Kristen and Rebecca tonight for a lively chat about motherhood, uncensored.

As a side note, Kristen was recently featured and interviewed on The Today Show. Congrats on that achievement, Kristen.

The Pentagon Welcomes Elmo and Military Health System Information

Today two of the Pentagon’s BlogTalkRadio shows provide in-depth information for military families regarding deployment and the military health system.

Elmo Discusses Deployment
Elmo Today at 2pm ET (click to listen)
ASY LIVE brings you an exclusive interview with Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, Vice President for Outreach and Educational Practices at Sesame Workshop for Elmo Discusses Deployment: A Talk with Sesame Street. Betancourt will discuss the recent unveiling of the second phase of its military outreach initiative, Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes. This initiative is designed to help military families experiencing deployments and challenges when a parent returns home changed due to a combat related injury.

Then, Understanding the Military Health System
Today at 3pm ET (click to listen) The newly launched Pentagon channel BlogTalkRadio show “Dot Mil Docs” discusses the military health system. What’s an MHS and what does it do for me? – Dr. Michael Kilpatrick, Deputy Director, Force Health Protection, gives a view of how broad the Military Health Service is and how many ways it reaches out to help service members.

Discovery Health's 2008 National Body Challenge Fitness Expert Jonathan Ross

BlogTalkRadio show Ask Michele welcomes Jonathan Ross, Discovery Health’s 2008 National Body Challenge Fitness Expert.

Jonathan RossToday at 10am ET, Jonathan Ross discusses The Family Fit Plan, that educates and encourages families to have fun together, exercise together and get fit together. Ross is the 2006 American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer of the Year and owner of Washington D.C.-based Aion Fitness, LLC (

Jonathan leverages his personal experiences with obesity to fuel his passion for enhancing lives through physical activity – namely that related to his parents who, together, weighed 800 pounds, ultimately resulting in the loss of his father to obesity-related disease. He holds the distinction of being named among Men’s Journal Magazine’s “Top 100 Trainers in the Country.” He is a sought after expert source who has provided his insight and perspective to many top-tier publications.