Blogtalkradio – Radio Network or Podcaster?

As I see the level of activity picking up dramatically on Blogtalkradio, I am very often asked the question, “Is BTR a radio network or a podcaster?”  

Let me be perfectly clear, we do not consider ourselves “podcasters”.  While all of our live shows are archived and subscribable with RSS feeds, etc, the easiest part of our job is the recording, storing and archiving of our shows. In fact, just recently a journalist asked me this very question and I told him I would never had created Blogtalkradio if all we were was a podcasting platform. 

The podcast space is a fairly new industry and in my opinion is not heading in the right direction.  Blogging is open to everyone, inexpensive to create, flexible and viral. Podcastng, in the traditional sense of the word is expensive to create, complicated, canned, edited and certainly not viral. By viral I don’t mean that podcasts are not listened to in large numbers, they are. I am suggesting that thousands if not millions of individuals would create podcasts if the dynamics were different.  Our live format which does not require mixers or digital recording equipment is certainly differentiated in the marketplace. 

More on this topic to follow. So, if someone asks you , “Is Blogtalkradio a radio network or a podcaster?”, you know what to tell them.

I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and I look forward to an exciting 2007.



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