Geekerati and my Inner Geek

Just wanted to say thanks to Christian and the other hosts of Geekerati for my interview a few nights back. We talked about podcasting, both live (like we do here at BTR) and “traditional” (recorded/edited) and where we see new media heading in regards to citizen journalism and transparency.

But as Christian points out in his show notes for the episode, Geekerati (and any good geek) can’t just discuss technology without referring fairly quickly to shows like Battlestar Galactica, the Bionic Woman, or New Amsterdam. I think there’s an essential link for those of us who create media via BTR or other outlets to have to be connected to mainstream shows as well. We all talked about favorite podcasts (mine include Unleashed and The Podcasting Underground, for instance), but quickly got to recommending and critiquing network shows.

Point being, as much as I’m a new media maven I’m still very connected to mainstream media and grew up watching a HUGE amount of TV. And apparently a lot of my passion for storytelling in the new media realm stems from engaging in great storytellers on TV. And my love of technology means I can try to tell new stories via mediums like BTR. And I suppose for all these reasons, I’m a geek. And proud of it.

-John C. Havens

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