Why you should care about ADM, The Association for Downloadable Media

BlogTalkRadio is a member of the Association for Downloadable Media and as a founding member of ADM I wanted to mention that if you’re going to The Podcasting and New Media Expo in Ontario at the end of the month, we’re having a meeting you should attend. Here’s the Press Release on the ADM page. And here’s an excerpt below:

NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO, September 12, 2007 – The recently formed Association for Downloadable Media (ADM) will hold its first in-person meeting at the Podcasting and New Media Expo in Ontario, CA. The meeting will be held at 7:30 a.m. PDT on Friday, September 28, 2007 in Ballroom A. Anyone can attend who is registered as an expo attendee.

Agenda items to be discussed include the goals of the organization, the continued membership drive, committee formation action plans, first priority deliverables as an organization, potential membership benefits for podcasters, and the process for the nominations for board seats and committees. After the initial member conference call August 22 nd, this is the first in-person meeting of ADM paid and prospective members and is shaping up to be a productive gathering. ADM has been successful at attracting members and has a roster of 50 publishers, agencies, vendors and metrics companies. The current membership list is posted on the site.

So if you’re wondering why an Association like ADM is important, let me try to explain. Right now in the new media world, nobody really knows how much monetary value to give to ads in video/audio material. Period. People are pitching prices that the market will bear, and that’s fine for some. However, if monetary values for online content are not standardized, many advertisers will quickly grow tired of having to negotiate specific deals for every ad buy they do in the space.

Metrics/standards are not just about money, mind you-they save time because everyone involved in a transaction can agree on the value of what they’re trying to buy/sell. ADM is working hard to form a group that will come up with the best standards for everyone in the industry so that podcasting as a whole will be recognized as the high-value (monetary as well as content) medium we know it is.

-John C. Havens

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