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Chris Christie’s bridge scandal

Making Sense With Steve Leser talks about the scandal surrounding New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Christie has been accused of having known about the closing of two access lanes on the George Washington Bridge and neglecting to tell authorities as an act of political retribution. Leser says that Christie’s actions are in line with many politicians who have been”guilty of doing something wrong and… desperately trying to hide that fact.” Leser also believes that, as Christie often presents himself as being “on top of everything, knows what he’s doing,” the idea that he “suddenly has no idea about this one issue” is contradictory.

Listen to the full episode here.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on his progressive views


Tavis Smiley talks to Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont about his possible presidential run in 2016.

Sanders believes that a progressive candidate is needed, saying that he could stand for “what the American people believe and start representing the interest of working families who are often getting a short shrift today.” He also believes that he can work to remedy “the growing alienation of the American people from the political process”

 On the possibility of Hillary Clinton as Democratic candidate, Sanders says that she “has not been as vigorous as she should be in taking on right wing Republicans.”

Listen to the full episode here.

Steve Leser talks to Governor Bill Richardson about North Korea and negotiation


Making Sense host Steve Leser talks to Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. His new book, How to Sweet-Talk a Shark: Strategies and Stories From a Master Negotiator, recounts his negotiations with leaders of some of the world’s most powerful regimes. 

Richardson, a former member of the Clinton administration, talks about his fallout with the Clintons. His relationship with them became strained when Richardson endorsed Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential election. 

Leser and Richardson also discuss Richardson’s visits to North Korea to negotiate the release of American prisoners. Richardson believes that “it’s best to engage these people rather than isolate them.” He claims that dictators are motivated primarily by power, rather than wealth, and that the most effective way to reach them is through “international sanctions that affect their personal power, their bank accounts, their ability to travel.

Leser also speaks to Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

Listen to the episode here.

Election 2012 Coverage From Every Angle on BlogTalkRadio

Election 2012 Voting Polls in Brooklyn NY

Election 2012 Voting Polls in Brooklyn, NY

“Left, right … left, right, left …” No matter which way you lean, BTR’s got plenty of Election 2012 coverage, and sometimes it gets downright ugly in the comments section, like these 39 people at each others’ throats.

If you lean right, hear Sylvio Canto on the Texas Hispanic vote or the fiery redhead Lisa Richards’ supercharged show.

If you’re left-leaning, get the Progressive POV with Kudzu Vine, featuring the “GOP Outrage of the Week,” or Wild Wild Left’s fracking episode.

Want to hear what the experts have to say? Tune in to Halli Casser-Jayne speaking with the top political pundits.

Still undecided? We’ve got categories both Progressive and Conservative, as well as a Town Hall Debate with all of the Third-Party Candidates.

And whatever you decide, we encourage you all to exercise your right to vote and be heard at the polls today!

Interview with Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum, 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate was just interviewed on BlogTalkRadio’s We Pick Rick Online Radio last night.  You can catch Santorum on the show at the 37 minute mark (in case you want to get right to the chase!).

Santorum won the caucuses in Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and the Missouri primary and is also currently leading in the Michigan polls over Michigan native Mitt Romney.  Santorum is a former Pennsylvania Senator and is known for his socially conservative stance.  Just today he was under heat for a controversial comment he made concerning birth control.  Catch what he has to say on BlogTalkRadio here.

Be sure to check back for more interviews with key candidates in the 2012 Presidential race on BlogTalkRadio!

Author, Columnist David Sirota on Think Youth

It’s been a long election season. And from exclusive interviews with John McCain, to The Obama Campaign in CA New Media initiatives, BlogTalkRadio brings you the political content you want to hear.

Today, we welcome an author who is affecting the political landscape.

Nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist, blogger, and political commentator David Sirota joins the Think Youth Live Podcast this evening.

He will discuss his latest book, “The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington and how it connects to the trends of the 2008 election and beyond.

Think Youth Live on BlogTalkRadio brings you news and opinion by America’s Progressive youth.

Check out Think Youth’s ideas at their group blog.

The interview gets underway at 8pm ET.

Learn more about David Sirota.

**Update: this interview has been postponed and will be rescheduled.

From The BlogTalkRadio Vault

You’ll see on the homepage today we’re featuring some of our content from the Best of Page.

Our hosts have reeled some great guests onto the network in the time we’ve provided this platform. Occasionally, we like to remind long time listeners and introduce the Best of Page to the new listeners.

Whether you come to BlogTalkRadio for one particular show or host, with over 82,000 shows in the longtail, BlogTalkRadio has lots of other outstanding exclusive content you should check out.

So, From the Vault this week:

Brad Pitt
The megastar spoke about his Make it Right project in New Orleans
Yoko Ono
Replay of the exclusive live interview with artist Yoko Ono about the Beatle years
John McCain
BlogTalkRadio’s exclusive interview with the Republican presidential nominee

AOL and BlogTalkRadio Create Daily Hot Seat Radio Show

BlogTalkRadio’s Media Lizzy to Host Show Based on AOL Political Machine Blog

BlogTalkRadio (, the first citizen broadcasting network, and AOL News (, have created a daily online talk radio show focusing on AOL News’ Hot Seat question of the day. The show, called AOL Hot Seat Question of the Day, will be available to listeners on BlogTalkRadio, (, and AOL’s Political Machine blog, ( BlogTalkRadio’s Media Lizzy will host the daily program along with a Political Machine Hot Seat blogger of the day. Listeners can call in and join the conversation.

Hot Seat is AOL News’ syndicated political widget featuring daily political poll questions from some of the biggest political bloggers across the political spectrum, including The Huffington Post, Time’s Mark Halperin, Slate’s John Dickerson, Politico, Crooks & Liars, Power Line, The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan and Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey. The questions address current political issues and events as a way to stimulate a dialogue between voters, pundits and politicians.

“The Hot Seat polls bring together various opinions from syndicated content across the Internet and provides an outlet for the public to discuss breaking political news,” said Coates Bateman, Executive Producer, AOL’s Political Machine. “By adding the BlogTalk Radio component, we are providing users with additional insight into the Hot Seat blog posts.”

“As politics is the most popular content category on BlogTalkRadio, we are happy to partner with AOL News and its outstanding Political Machine blog,” said Alan Levy, CEO and co-founder of BlogTalkRadio. “John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s campaign have all utilized BlogTalkRadio to communicate their messages to the masses and interact with voters on a one-on-one basis. This agreement with AOL News furthers BlogTalkRadio’s commitment to inform the public about this year’s presidential race and encourage listeners to lend their voice and share their opinions on the election and future of the United States.”

In addition to AOL Hot Seat Question of the Day, Elizabeth “Media Lizzy” Blackney also hosts BlogTalkRadio programs Heading Right Radio and The Media Lizzy Show. She is a political communications strategist, author of Sex, Lies & Politricks, and the founding publisher of TMK Books.

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