Brian Williams to President Obama: We the Media Are Here at the Oil Spill Site to Stay

Don’t tell Brian Williams that NBC News will be leaving the site of the catastrophic BP oil spill any time soon.

“I got a kick out of President Obama saying that even when the cameras go away we’ll still be here for ya,” the anchor told our Mediaite host, Steve Krakauer, live from the Gulf Coast yesterday.

CAPTION: "It's pathetic to see those shrimp boats out there without their riggers that are usually filled with rigging to harvest shrimp from the gulf," Brian (above) tells us.

"It's pathetic to see those shrimp boats out there without their riggers that are usually filled with rigging to harvest shrimp from the gulf," Brian (above) told us.

“That ain’t the way this is going to play out. If anything, the cameras being here have compelled outside interests, the government and BP to kick this into another gear.

“I think that with all due respect, the president might have had his scenario off by 180 degrees,” Brian continued.

“So we’ll keep coming back here. We won’t take our eyes off this region. And we haven’t since we knew we had a category-five storm off the coastline five years ago.”

Brian also expressed concern for the Gulf Coasts’ fishing industry.

“After [Hurricane] Katrina, those shrimp were out there; they were riled up; rolled up on the bottom of the ocean.

“But they were there and you could-if you had a shrimp boat and the talent-you could go out and get them. You could make a living.

“[The BP spill] has prevented people from making a living. They’ve done no wrong.

“They’re shrimpers; they’re fishermen; they are ostermen and they are sitting on the sidelines.”

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4 thoughts on “Brian Williams to President Obama: We the Media Are Here at the Oil Spill Site to Stay

  1. Trisha, Wailuku Hawaii

    Where were you and all the other broadcasters during the Bush administration. You are all so brave and on top of things now. But when Bush said “you are either for us or against us” you all cowtowed to the fear tactics, and objective coverage of the ensuing wars and social injustices here at home and abroad was nowhere to be seen or heard.

    It is easy to come forward in this non threatening environment of today!!!

  2. Nicole, Atlanta GA

    Trisha–Are you kidding me?? I’ll have to chalk up your comments to being too far away from the main land to have a clear picture of media bias as it relates to Bush and Obama.

  3. Janet Ferguson

    Please revisit the Department of the Interior’s Wild Horse and Burro Program and tell your viewers how you stand by month after month while the Bureau of Land Management clears the wild horses and burros off their legally protected wild horse ranges.

    People have been contacting you on this issue again and again and it is no important enough for you to cover.

    Cattle owned by LARGE LARGE corporations run on America’s public lands, even on the wild horse ranges, and the miniscule percent of wild horses are being blamed for a land long long ago ruined by the cattle industry.

    The worst part of all this is the Bureau of Land Management’s Advisory Board, which is supposed to guide the activities of the Wild Horse and Burro based on public input.

    Cruel and killing roundups — see the Calico Roundup for information, has already resulted in the deaths of 90 horses.

    The whole program is corrupt, hands off if you please, says Bob Abbey, Salazar’s Golden Boy of Business as Usual.

    America better run as fast as we can, because we will soon be covered by crude oil, compliments of Ken Salazar and Bob Abbey.

    Our tax dollars will continue to go to EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE HELICOPTER ROUNDUPS which leave only a tiny fraction of our wild horses on the poorest, most desolate land in our western states.

    How many horses do you think can live on 800,000 acres? Ask Bob Abbey: he will tell you only about 120 – 140, if that many.

    Check it out, Brian Williams.

    While you are at it, check out the horse auctions across this great country where childrens’ pets are being sold to killer buyers; where the Racing Industry and the big horse breeders dump their “slightly imperfect” unwanted animals — they are bound for the seedy slaughterhouses that were once allowed into this country.

    Brian, where are you where our protected wild horses and burros are concerned? NOWHERE. YOU ARE A NOWHERE MAN.

  4. Map Guy

    Obama has said just some tricky calligraphy about BP, less than I actually hope that’s no longer all exhibit. m hoping they actually do feel the general heat and must spend punitive damages to create one another truly revise the overall approach they do things.


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