Presidential Candidates, Prison Break and BTR Spotlight

Whether you want to hear from political candidates, television stars or other hosts, BlogTalkRadio has what you’re looking for. Check out a selection of Friday’s packed schedule.

Matt Parker will air his exclusive interview with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee today. Recorded this past Sunday, the interview runs over 20 minutes. Hear Matt and Huckabee today on Political Dispatch from at 5pm ET. Also, Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune will talk about Huckabee’s chances.

Prison BreakThe BTR Spotlight is back again tonight at 7pm ET to take your calls and questions about the new site. It’s also a great place to talk about your show and chat with other hosts about successful ways to promote and be heard.

The 3rd season of FOX’s Prison Break started this week and Ask Dangerous Lee tonight at 9pm ET will break out tonight’s show with Gary Zee, a former Dallas radio DJ who now plays a small role on Prison Break. Zee’s character will have a starring role on the 5th show of this season. Listen in to find out more.

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