WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Guilty of Espionage (Though No Need for ‘Censorship’), Allen West Tells ‘AACONS’ Host Marie Stroughter

Leave it to African American Conservatives host Marie Stroughter to get political bigwigs not only talking but making headlines to boot.

Case in point, Allen West, the retired Amy Lt. Colonel who last month was elected the first African American representative from the state of Florida in 134 years.

At around 12 p.m. ET yesterday, the ThinkProgress blog cited Marie’s Dec. 7 interview with the incoming U.S. congressman, namely his position that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is guilty of espionage —and that the American media is complicit in that capital offense.

CAPTION: Allen: Calls for censoring U.S. news outlets that enabled WikiLeaks' classified-documents dump.

Allen: Harshly critical of U.S. news outlets that enabled WikiLeaks' classified-documents dump.

Several hours later, CBS News followed suit, as reporter Lucy Madison wrote that “West called for the censorship of media outlets publishing information obtained by WikiLeaks.”

She also cited comments from his BlogTalkRadio interview:

“‘Regardless of whether or not you think this really does cause any harm, the fact [is] that, here is an individual that is not an American citizen, first and foremost, [who has] for whatever reason gotten his hands on classified American material and has put it out there in the public domain,’ West said, speaking of Assange.

“He continued: ‘And I think that we also should be censoring the American news agencies which enabled him to be able to do this and then also supporting him and applauding him for the efforts. So that’s kind of aiding and abetting of a serious crime. ‘This is espionage. And I think we need to take it very seriously.'”

The Nation, meanwhile, had also picked up the story as part of it’s continuing WikiLeaks coverage, writing: “Newly-elected U.S. Rep.  Allen West comes out clearly for ‘censoring’ U.S. media publishing or otherwise aiding WikiLeaks.”

Ditto MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, who posted passages from the AACONS interview on last night’s show—including the “censoring” line.

The only problem was, Allen didn’t say “censor” here on BlogTalkRadio; he said “censure”—as he was compelled to point out on his Facebook page amidst the viral comedy of errors.

Keith: Compounded the confusion.

Keith: Compounded the confusion.

“I am heard on the African American Conservative Radio Show saying the media should be censured—meaning ‘harshly criticized.’ In no way would I ever ask to ‘censor’ anyone or any organization.  Of course, very few news organizations are even printing this reply so here it is for you so you understand my intention and my vision as a leader,” Allen wrote.

“It has never been my intent to quiet or censor the press or anyone for that matter utilizing their right of freedom of speech granted to them under this country’s great American Constitution.  The confusion comes with the word censor…when I meant censure—in context that the media should be harshly criticized for printing the damaging documents Assange has released which so clearly puts our soldiers and country at risk.”

Click here to hear Allen West’s full AACONS interview.

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