Blogtalkradio – Taking The Next Steps -Part 1

It has been an exhilarating six months since we launched Blogtalkradio.

We have broadcast thousands of live blogshows and registered more than 2500 hosts covering more than 25 categories.

While we have come far in a short period of time, it was clear to us that in order to get to the “next level” we needed to strengthen our management team.

I am pleased to announce that James Boyce and Romi Lassally have joined Blogtalkradio.

James Boyce has joined BTR as Senior Political Director.

James appears at least weekly on both MSNBC and FOX NEWS as a Democratic Strategist and online communication expert.A former advertising and marketing executive and winner of over 50 advertising awards for excellence, including one Clio, James was an unpaid Senior Advisor on John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential Campaign. He has been a contributor to Huffington Post since its launch in May 2005.James, as a key member of our management team will manage Blogtalkradio’s global political category. Today, more than 100 hosts, progressive, conservative and libertarian use the BTR platform. Our focus has always been to provide a medium and platform whereby bloggers, candidates and other citizen broadcasters on both sides of the aisle can express themselves. We are excited that James has joined our firm and look forward to building a vibrant on line political community.

Romi Lassally has joined Blogtalkradio as SVP Programming.

Romi is a former film executive and producer who left the entertainment industry to pursue the much more demanding career of bearing and caring for her three children. After a nine year hiatus from paid work, she jumped into the new media world as a features editor for he Huffington Post. Romi remains an editor at large at The Huffington Post.One of our key objectives at Blogtalkradio is to provide our audience with interesting, original content which can be found on no other medium such as traditional radio, satellite radio, TV, etc. As another key member of our management team, Romi’s focus will be to develop original content, developing strategic deals with other media companies and outlets and overseeing the significant content generation that happens on Blogtalkradio each and every day.We look forward to James and Romi helping Blogtalkradio be the best it can be.Alan