Talking Blog Talk Radio On WWBC Florida

After the end of my CQ Radio show this afternoon — and a great interview with Bernard Goldberg — I got the chance to speak with Andrea Shea King at WWBC in Florida, along with her guests, Free Republic posters Chris Taylor and Larry Middleton. Andrea interviewed me at length about my new position with Blog Talk Radio, and I had an opportunity to speak about all of the terrific shows and how easily anyone can make themselves into a talk-show host. I had a great time talking BTR, blogs, and current events with Andrea — and hopefully I can do it again soon.

The segment will repeat at 9 pm CT, I believe. They do not have archives set up yet on their website, but I hope to catch the segment myself tonight.

And be sure to download the CQ Radio interviews from the last two days, with Duncan Hunter on Monday and Goldberg today. At Blog Talk Radio, the archives are always on line!

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