Programming Highlights: July 16, 2010

penny-hardaway-2On The Bottom Line Sports Show: Penny Hardaway wants to make one thing perfectly clear: He’s ready, willing and able to return to pro hoops—and is jonesing to play side-by-side with LeBron James. “I haven’t lost my jump shot,” our all-star contributor, 38, says. “I still have something to offer any team in the NBA.” (On demand.)

kellie-martin At 10:30 AM Kellie Martin, who played Becca Thacher on Life Goes On, drops in on Buzzworthy Radio to chat about The Jensen Project, which debuts tonight on NBC. Co-starring Patricia Richardson, the flick tells the story of a family’s race to stop a dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands.
patricia-richardsonAt 11:30 AM Buzzworthy Radio’s NaVell Lee goes one-on-one with Patricia Richardson, who played Jill Taylor on the hit sitcom Home Improvement. The Emmy winner will chat about her role in the upcoming flick Beautiful Wave, and in tonight’s Jensen Project on NBC.

At 2 PM Host Christopher Reburn channels fellow master psychic Lisa Williams, bestselling author of Life Among the Dead and star of the Lifetime series of the same name, now in its second season. Lisa will chat about her upcoming tour of her native England and other European nations.

queen-latifah1At 3 PM Sounds like Queen Latifah may have the patter of little feet in her sights. “As an adult, as a I looked back on how my mom raised us,” the superstar tells our wOw Effect host, “I was so thoroughly impressed, and I figured, If I can be just half the mother she is, I’ll be doing just fine.”

At 7 PM WDKK Radio’s Darryl Williams grooves with Marshall Thompson, leader of the legendary ‘70s soul quartet The Chi-Lites, who charted with such tunes as Oh Girl and Have You Seen Her. MT will chat about the group’s current tour with “The ‘70s Soul Jam.”

leonard-lowe At 8:30 PM Host Cyrus Webb sits down with Leonard Rowe, longtime friend of Michael Jackson and the Gloved One’s manager at the time of his death. Leonard will chat about his new book, What Really Happened To Michael Jackson, and his feelings on Michael’s legacy.

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