Alan Levy’s ‘Little Idea that Could Is Succeeding Online Where Terrestrial Radio Couldn’t,’ Says MediaBistro

If you’ve yet to read up on BlogTalkRadio Founder and CEO Alan Levy, today’s a great time to start.

Because MediaBistro—the must-read site for media pros (and those who aspire to such)—has just published a 1,400-word profile by Kristen Fischer titled, “So What Do You Do, Alan Levy, Founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio?”

CAPTION: Alan: "Podcast innovator."

Alan: "Podcast innovator."

“With about 1,300 new BlogTalkRadio shows popping up daily covering everything from the home birthing phenomenon to African-American conservatives, anyone’s voice can be heard,” MediaBistro writes.

“And thanks to an amazing technology that lets you call in live and speak to hosts, Levy’s little idea that could is succeeding online where terrestrial radio couldn’t.”

As for Alan’s take on our rapidly-emerging media sector, he says:

“The real power of BlogTalkRadio is the live aspect of the platform. By taking live callers or interviewing a panel of guests, this dynamic medium makes the conversation much more engaging then the majority of traditional podcasts, which do not enable live call-ins.

“We have also created a premium offering that allows our hosts to screen callers, which essentially replicates the producer function in a radio studio.”

Alan goes on to preview some of the network’s upcoming premium services.logo_mb1

“We are rolling out a high-fidelity digital service which will record the broadcasts in digital quality sound.

“We will also soon be offering an automated transcription service to our hosts. For a fee, hosts can elect to have their radio shows fully transcribed complete with timed stamping capabilities, exporting files to PDF, XML and other formats.”

To read the full MediaBistro profile—and find out more about what’s coming up here on BlogTalkRadio—click here.

To sample The Alan Levy Show, click here.

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