Stephen Baldwin, Jamey DuVall and Bob Andelman Honored Among Talkers Magazine’s Annual Frontier Fifty

What do Internet talk-radio heavyweights like Adam Carolla and Tom Green have in common with Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough, Jamey DuVall and Bob Andelman?

Well, other than the obvious (which would be copious amounts of talent), both famed funnymen are featured alongside BlogTalkRadio’s three ever-popular hosts on Talkers Magazine‘s Frontier Fifty, an annual “selection of outstanding talk media webcasters.”frontierfiftyheader1

“This new platform is well on its way to becoming a key part of the establishment at an exponentially increasing rate of acceleration,” writes Talkers publisher Michael Harrison of Internet talk radio.

“Keeping that in mind, we should savor this creative, opportunity-rich period of its infancy while we still have it—a colorful chapter of new media history that this list endeavors to celebrate.

“To assume that internet talk radio will simply be a continuation of its terrestrial ancestor only with expanded reach would be akin to publishing newspapers without photographs or using horses to power automobiles.


Stephen: Emblematic of BTR's chat prowess.

“Thus this new list reflects not only a wide diversity of talent and the subjects and special interest demos they embrace, but also the wide array of mechanical, conceptual and formatic options available to the webcaster.”

Here, here! Or should we say, hear, hear!

Either way, our heartiest congratulations to Stephen and Kevin, and Jamey, and Bob for helping keep BlogTalkRadio the web’s leading source of compelling talk programming.

And if you’re not already familiar with their shows, we trust that you’ll check them out soon:

Stephen Baldwin & Kevin McCullough: Baldwin-McCullough Xtreme Radio

Jamey DuVall: Movie Geeks United

Bob Andelman: Mr. Media Interviews

Click here to see the full 2011 Frontier Fifty list.

Click here to read the full Talkers story.

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