In Report on Host Kendall Barrow, ‘Getting Yourself on the Air Is Easier Said AND Done,’ Says Texas’ Beaumont Enterprise

If Kendall Barrow makes hosting his own BlogTalkRadio show look simple, that’s because, well, it is.

And his hometown paper couldn’t agree more.

In a feature this week headlined “Thanks to technological advances, a few plugs and buttons, getting yourself on the air is easier said and done every day,” the Beaumont Enterprise highlights the 21-year-old Texan’s experience hosting his twice-weekly show.

"It's a great way to get lot of people to tune in," Kendall (above) tells us of broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio.

"It's a great way to get a lot of people tuning in," Kendall (above) tells us of using BlogTalkRadio to voice his sports report.

Kendall Barrow, a broadcast journalism junior at Lamar [University], has just finished his last class and is going to produce his sports talk radio show. But Barrow isn’t heading to a studio at a radio station,” writes reporter Amos Morale.

“He’s simply heading to a quiet room somewhere on campus. He doesn’t need much to produce his podcast. Using only his phone and a laptop, Barrow is able to produce a talk show that will be heard by hundreds,” he continues.

Kendall, who’s majoring in communications (and, incidentally—though we’re not holding it against him—is related to fellow Texan Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde fame), tells us he’s hoping to get a broadcasting job in Austin when he graduates.

He also explains how he came to our network in the first place.

“When I was looking for a medium to do my show, BlogTalkRadio was the simplest, easiest platform. It’s also the most user-friendly. And once I began posting my show on Facebook, word of mouth took off and new listeners began tuning in each week.”

As for his advice to wannabe hosts, Kedall says:

“Find something you’re passionate about and voice your opinion. Getting out there and running your own show will make you feel very gratified.”

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