Richard Hatch: Matchmaker to the Geeks!

Who’d have thought that Richard Hatch – who’s been a TV hunk for decades – would be laboring to help geeky guys hook up with equally geeky gals?

But that’s precisely what the veteran of such shows as Battlestar Galactica, The Streets of San Francisco, Hawaii Five-0, Dynasty and Baywatch has been up to.

CAPTION: Richard: Protective of the pocket-protect set.

Richard: Protective of the pocket-protector set.

Interviewed on The StarTrek Channel, Richard, describes his efforts on the awkward- love front.

“I’m working with SoulGeek, which is a dating – it’s like a, social-dating network for geeks,” he tells host Roger Noriega.

“And I’m using the word ‘geeks’ in quotes, meaning people who love sci-fi, fantasy, horror – call it what you will.

“It seems to always be a challenging thing for most people I know, when they go to find somebody and ultimately the relationship falls apart because one person loves sci-fi, the other doesn’t,” the actor, 64, continues.

“Not that it can’t work, but it just seems when you love and have a passion for sci-fi, it’s a little different. And if somebody doesn’t get that or understand that – or is very judgmental of that – it can put up a big wall.

“So finding somebody where the sci-fi thing is not a deal-breaker is so much easier when you can go to and meet all these people.”

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2 thoughts on “Richard Hatch: Matchmaker to the Geeks!

  1. Peter Pixie

    thats fantastic! We are scheduled to have an interview with him on Hour 42 here on BTR this Sunday at 9pm CST as well! He’s such a nice guy! And good The Star Trek Channel is really cool, too!

  2. Roger Noriega

    Wow, thanks guys! Richard was great, we had a blast in this interview. Mr. Hatch admitted to being a geek and he lives the life that many of us wish we could – he was great!

    Thanks Richard and thanks Blogtalkradio!


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