What Are Keywords and Why Should You Care?

by Deb Ng

I’m often asked by BlogTalkRadio hosts how they can bring in search engine traffic to their BlogTalkRadio show pages. The best way I can recommend is to rock the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and use “long tail” (more on that in another post) keywords to alert searchers.

Key words and search terms are the words and phrases people use when they use search engines. For instance, say someone is searching for photos of Brad Pitt. The key phrase used for this search might read “Brad Pitt pictures”. This search term will bring up all the websites offering images of Pitt, and all the websites using this phrasing.

If your BlogTalkRadio show is about President Obama’s Inaguration, you might pepper your parapraphs with key words and phrases such as “Obama Inauguration” or “Inauguration 09”.  You also want to use keywords and phrases in your tags.

So how can you tell what keywords to use? There are several free keyword suggestion tools available. Simply type in your guests name or show’s topic and the tool will suggest some high ranking keywords to use.

Here are a few places you can go to for keyword suggestion:

It’s important when using keywords to choose words and phrases that are grammatically correct and fit well within your writing. A big mistake many people make is to choose unntaural sounding phrases. People don’t always search like they speak, so be sure words and phrases work well together.

It takes time to get indexed in the search engines but if you use keywords correctly, folks will begin finding you via the search engines. Once the search traffic comes in, so will repeat listeners.

7 thoughts on “What Are Keywords and Why Should You Care?

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  3. RankUno

    Yes, it is very important to choose the right keywords for the right page. Wrong keywords means unnecessary, wrong traffic and hence none to minimal conversions. Hence, choosing keywords effectively is the most basic and vital part in SEO.

  4. Web Design Melbourne

    Dont forget traffic volume and relevance are not the only factors in choosing keywords. For many sites commercial intent is JUST as important
    I have a k/w research tool that helps measure this too…


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