How To Write The Perfect Episode Title


When scheduling an episode, it’s very easy to overlook writing an effective title, especially if you have re-occurring episodes. Think of it from your listener’s perspective – Would you listen to an episode with a generic title that tells you nothing about its content? It’s overwhelming for a listener to see a show page full of the same episode titles or worse yet episode titles that are just the name of your show!  Make it easier on your listeners and correctly label each of your episodes so they can find what they are looking for more easily.

For instance, if you are interviewing a particular guest like Maya Angelou, who has been on our network a few times, you would write a title like this: Maya Angelou, Esteemed Poet & Author. Take a look at the titles from our branded show, Storytellers presented by BlogTalkRadio to get a feel of how this works:

Taking time to craft an episode title that reflects the topic you are discussing or the guest you are interviewing is extremely important for attracting listeners that are searching for related content.  On BlogTalkRadio University, we interviewed Jennifer Shaheen, AKA ‘The Technology Therapist’ and SEO (search engine optimization) expert to give you a few easy tips on writing the perfect episode title and general SEO best practices when scheduling your show. Take a listen and follow Jennifer’s SEO tips to get your show more exposure and listeners!

Remember, if you have a re-occurring show, make sure to edit the title of your show each time you broadcast with the right information & don’t forget to fill in keywords that also match up with your content and align with your episode title. It will make all the difference!

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