America: Sweet, Sour and Strange

Get the scoop on America’s sugary sweetheart. “Stop Sugar Shock” host Connie Bennett is at it again with Steve Ettlinger, author of the eye-opening book, Twinkie Deconstructed. Ettlinger will give the lowdown about that well-loved American treat. Show airs at 4pm ET.

BTR is proud to rebroadcast last year’s moving 9/11 Tribute “Never Forget” for Patriot Day. BlogTalkRadio, The BlueDoodle and the creator of the 2996 project, sponsored an evening of reading of writings dedicated to the memory of 9/11. Show airs again today.

Tonight the infamous Dr. Blogstein will bring you a man who has been thrown out of over 200 Starbucks. Also, Singer Sarah Burgess and StarSitter Andrea Dana, who has taught the likes of Lindsay Lohan on movie sets. Show airs at 9pm ET.


One thought on “America: Sweet, Sour and Strange

  1. Frank Nebolsky

    Hello Everyone,

    It is good with all the crazy people that 9/11 Never Forget Airs. People are trying to move on without realizing that many life’s will never be the same.

    Check out my radio show and web site.

    Show Name: USA Contractors Forum
    Old School American: Our Invisible Voice
    Show Host: Big Daddy Frank

    I talk about civilian contractors, the military, and politics.



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