BlogTalkRadio’s Facebook and Twitter Integration

facebookby Alan Levy
CEO, BlogTalkRadio

We’re excited to roll out some cool new features that will help our tens of thousands of radio hosts syndicate their shows into leading social networks.

twitterIn our view, our job has many elements. First, we enable any individual, company
or organization to host a live online radio show. We host close to 1,000 broadcasts every day. There is no cost to host or listen to shows on BlogTalkRadio. However, we do offer premium services for a more robust hosting experience.  Second, shortly after the show is completed, we automatically create podcasts that are hosted and stored on our site, and can be easily downloaded into iTunes, RSS, etc.  Finally, we provide a series of syndication tools so that the content produced on the network can be easily syndicated online.

Our platform sits side by side with Facebook, Twitter, Ning, MySpace and many other popular social communities.

Effective today, our hosts can elect to have their shows automatically notify and update their Facebook and Twitter communities.  You can watch screencast tutorials here in our Learning Center to learn how to use these features.

For Facebook, our hosts will be able to easily create events, update their status to let their friends know they are broadcasting live and, finally, after the show is over, the archive will be embedded directly into their status update.

For Twitter, tweets will be automatically sent from your Twitter profile when the show is live, and then again when the archived show is available.

We’re excited about these enhancements and look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions.  Please write us at



4 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio’s Facebook and Twitter Integration

  1. Tric

    There is no button to share or bookmark to a NING site event though latest email says BTR is integrating with FB, TWITTER and NING.


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