BlogTalkRadio Hosts Got Game

I am continuously amazed at how great our hosts are at pulling in notable guests. You need only scroll through the archives of the blog to see but a fraction of them. Great guests, outstanding topics and deep thoughts are a staple to this network. Our hosts got game.

harwell_175 And speaking of game, America’s “National Pastime” will be the focus of “Talking Baseball” tonight at 8pm ET with special guest MLB Hall of Famer Ernie Harwell. Host Paul Greco and Harwell will discuss the golden days of baseball and Harwell’s 55-year career as a radio and television sportscaster.

Movie Geeks United welcome movie star and Emmy Award-Winner Joe “Joey Pants” Pantoliano tonight at 10pm ET. Also, three directors will hit the geek lines tonight, including Joseph Greco, the star and director of the upcoming film “Canvas”, director Adam Green (”HATCHET”), and director Kristi Jacobson (”TOOTS”).

Owner and Editor in Chief of SUAVV online magazine, Michael Letterlough, will be hosted by Tony Reeves Esq. on “In The Know!!” at 8pm ET.

And those are just some of the ones that caught my eye for today. Thanks to the hosts who continue to make BlogTalkRadio a successful interactive, social radio network.


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