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I little more than one year ago we launched BlogTalkRadio. We had come up with this novel idea of enabling anyone to host their own call in on-line radio show.

This idea was hatched after creating a blog for my father who had recently become ill with non hodgkins lymphoma. Bob (my partner) and I believed that by using a simple phone and internet connection to produce their shows, bloggers (in fact anyone) could for the first time host live shows which are then archived as a podcast.

Over the past year, the BlogTalkRadio network has aired more than 23,000 broadcasts by more than 8,500 publishers. So now we move from a concept to a living, breathing network of citizen broadcasters.

Today we are launching a completely revamped site design. Our initial site attempted to explain what we do at BTR and make it easy for hosts to sign up and do shows. We really didn’t have the listeners in mind when we launched. First, we needed to deliver on the technology and then we had to bring in some hosts. The shows and hosts in turn would bring in listeners. While we succeeded in attracting thousands of hosts and created tens of thousands of conversations, our initial site lacked many things including a true community feel.

Before listing the many enhancements included in the new site, I want to personally thank ALL of our employees for doing a terrific job in preparing for this launch. Our development team headed by Ron Blackin, our marketing effort led by Lisa Padilla, our testing effort led by Amy Domestico and John Sweet worked around the clock to deliver this site design.

The features that I have listed below only represent a start of what the users of our service can come to expect. We have built a solid base and we will continue to listen to your comments, suggestions and criticisms.

New features include:

  • Live Chat
  • Improved Search Tools
  • Save Favorites
  • Rate Shows
  • Listener Profiles
  • New Buttons
  • New Media Player
  • Friends List
  • Comments
  • Private Messages
  • Profile Page Video or HTML
  • Advertising Programs

Blog, talk or chat on the Blogtalkradio network

Alan Levy

CEO and co-founder

11 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio – Your Social Radio Network

  1. Alixandra

    Looks FABULOUS!!! Excellent job, much more professional.

    I cannot find how to download last night’s show and I can’t be the only host who is trying to figure this out, please let us know 😉

    Beautiful job EVERYONE at BlogTalk Radio, you all rock! Tremendously good job!



  2. David Koopmans

    The new site is fantastic. I only took part in one round table blogtalk radio show, registered to do one myself and then got busy…This new site is very inviting indeed.
    Anyway, I hope to get around and doing something in the not too distant future.
    Well done and good luck with it.

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  4. Alan Levy

    Thanks for the great feedback. Our team has done a wonderful job delivering on a website which has so many cool features. I want to thank each and every one of them; again.

    Enjoy the new site and take your time figuring it all out. 🙂


  5. Adam Lambert

    site is great – congrats on the rollout. One question – some people have asked how they can download/podcast archived shows, and I don’t see the buttons that were on the old site.

    I am sure I am missing something obvious but don’t know what….


  6. alan


    Your listeners can listen to archived shows directly from your host profile page, a flash player which can be posted to your blog or subscribe via RSS. Unlike the previous site where the archive was available on the host channel, the MP3 is now available in the in the archive pages.


  7. Peter

    Alan – the archived shows I’ve looked at seem to be the same as new shows; all they have is a play button which plays the broadcast in an embedded Flash media player on a web page; is there really some way for listeners to save shows as an MP3, which used to be very easy? If so, it’s very well hidden.

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