It’s Ladies Night on BlogTalkRadio

Scrolling through the schedule for today will reveal a bevy of great shows by woman and for woman tonight. I guess this Saturday night is Ladies’ Night.

Tamara from Mommy’s Getaway will be joined by Crystal Winchester, Cathy Williams, Amanda Donatelli and Alexis Marshall as they explain their businesses and their products. Tonight at 5pm ET.

Also, don’t miss the Divine Diva Interview With DuEwa M. Frazier, poet, publisher, author and performance artist at 5pm ET.

Alexis Avvento will open up the phone lines tonight for “Lets Talk LADIES! Open discussion, about everything that makes women work. Why we are the way we are,” at 10:30pm ET.

And, of course, join BTR Spotlight tonight at 7pm ET to discuss the new site and promote your show.

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