Pop Culture Alive and Well on BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio hosts a variety of shows focusing on today’s pop culture. It’s great to be able to keep up with what’s going on in music, television and movies all on one network. Not only do many of our hosts cover pop culture headlines, they really drill down into the heart of the action. It’s that passion that makes it fun to listen to.

THE HAMSTERS DID WHAT?!?! tonight at 11pm ET will dive into Big Brother 8 with retrospective coverage and a look to the future:

What a summer huh? Dick and Dani have made it to the final 2. So how did the jury vote? What did you think of the finale? What changes would you like to see for next year? How do we get rid of Allison as Executive Producer? Join us and talk all things Big Brother!!!!!!!

TRYST, Your Musical rendezvous will interview Mary Magdalene band members, tonight at 5pm ET.

I’d be remiss for not mentioning the new site and it’s updated features. Join The BTR Spotlight Show tonight at 7pm ET. They’ll be taking your calls and live text chat regarding questions and comments about the new BlogTalkRadio.

One thought on “Pop Culture Alive and Well on BlogTalkRadio

  1. Marty Davis

    This is a fabulous idea, my friends. I’m linking your site to mine. Marty The Chickaboomer.
    I’m a veteran network radio and TV news anchor/radio talk show host. Love it!


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