BlogTalkRadio Helps Bring Citizen Broadcasting to South African Nation of Zambia

Brain Drain's James Mwape and wife Ruth.

Brain Drain's James Mwape and wife Ruth.

“The media in Zambia, a country which for a long time has only known the Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and the Post for stable, corporate-style newspapers, and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation and newer private TV and radio stations, is being turned on its head as bloggers as well as citizen broadcasters enter the media space.”

That according to a new story—titled “Meet Zambian Citizen Broadcasters”—on Global Voices, an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world.

“There are three stations run by Zambian citizen broadcasters,” the story continues. “Brain Drain run by James Mwape, Zambia BlogTalkRadio run by a group of Zambians, and Lespetty Media run by a couple of Zambians.


Lespetty Media Radio's Kalinda Shachinda.

“All these BlogTalkRadio stations are hosted in the United States of America. Brain Drain and ZBTR are talk show stations on which various national matters are broadcast once a week while the latter is primarily a music station. Occasionally, it broadcasts interviews of Zambians discussing various issues about the country.”

The story goes on the quote Zambia BlogTalkRadio host Nathan Nkhama.

“For us at ZBTR, the majority of our guests are connected from Zambia and Europe. We also have a weekly email we send out using Constant Contact with a mailing list of more than a thousand,” he says.

Also quoted is Lespetty Media host Kalinda Shachinda.

“Today, BlogTalkRadio is the largest and fastest-growing social radio network on the Internet. A truly democratized medium, BlogTalkRadio has tens of thousands of hosts and millions of listeners tuning in and joining the conversation each month,” she says, before adding:

Zambia BlogTalkRadio's Nathan Nkhama.

Zambia BlogTalkRadio's Nathan Nkhama.

“Many businesses also utilize the platform as a tool to extend their brands and join the conversation on the social web.”

Zambia is a southern African nation that’s home to 13 million people.

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