Host Esteban Contreras Goes from Bored Business Consultant to Thrilled Social Media Manager (Thanks to BlogTalkRadio)

Our scores of talented, authoritative hosts never cease to amaze us.

Most recent case in point? Esteban Contreras, host of The Social Nerdia Show! the companion to his SocialNerdia blog “about the convergence of technology, marketing, and social media, and the people/sub-cultures that make it possible.”

CAPTION: Esteban: Used his BlogTalkRadio job to land a job-with Samsung!

Esteban: Used BlogTalkRadio to land his dream job—with Samsung!

In a story today headlined “How Latinos Will Use Social Media to Change the World,” Fox News Latino tells how Esteban, who had a job— though not in the industry he wanted—took to BlogTalkRadio to change his fate.

“Contreras was a business consultant who was fascinated by social media. On his own time he learned to use blogging platform WordPress, along with Twitter, and BlogTalkRadio, a service that allowed him to interview experts in various fields, to create an online presence as a social media analyst.

“One of his BlogTalkRadio interviews was with strategists from Samsung. It went so well he sent them his résumé.

“Less than two months later, Contreras was named as Samsung Electronics America’s social media manager.”

See, we told you—pretty darn impressive.

Click here to hear sample The Social Nerdia Show!

Click here to read the full Fox News Latino report.

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