Why I’m Digging FaceBook Again

facebookby Deb Ng

I recently started getting into FaceBook again.  I was using it mostly to promote BlogTalkRadio events, but now  it has a whole new networking/friendship vibe similar to Twitter. Those of you know of my Twitter addiction will understand why I was hesitant to put so much time into another social networking site, but heck, I’m paid to rock the networks and have a good excuse. Since I’m getting my FaceBook on again, I’d like to invite our BlogTalkRadio hosts to do the same. Especially since it’s a great way to build up a buzz around your shows and attract more people to the BlogTalkRadio community.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Become  a member of niche oriented FaceBook groups to meet like-minded people who will be interested in listening to your shows.
  • Offer brief updates like you would on Twitter.
  • Use FaceBook’s event feature when you have a particularly notable guest.
  • Share images and links
  • Meet and share with other BlogTalkRadio hosts
  • Create groups centered around your show or topic
  • Meet potential guests

I don’t know why I didn’t give FaceBook much of a chance before. I’m totally digging it now, though and recommend you check it out!

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Digging FaceBook Again

  1. fgdesign

    I use the paste item tool to paste a link (which automatically becomes a music player) that plays my show from the feed.

    Facebook is far superior to MySpace for links, it also isn’t owned by a right-wing bully and you don’t need to type a 50 digit “gotcya” code everytime you do anything.

    Bye bye, MySpace!!

  2. wavecritter

    I also see a major upswing in the traffic at Facebook and believe it has much to do with the “Capcha” doom 🙂 The amount of these crazy boxes blocking your every move may well in fact be the major player in casting away the die-hard MySpacers, pushing toward the mighty alternative of Facebook 🙂 We just recently had a show on these differences.



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