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NBA playoffs

Eddie Huang welcomes rapper Mr. MFN eXquire to talk about the NBA playoffs.

Among predictions for the winners are the San Antonio Spurs, saying that “last year got to them… they came into that matchup having rotated everybody for rest… and some of the things that they messed up on in game five and game six were rotational things.” eXquire, however, thinks that the team “looks good” but is “not going to do anything revolutionary.” Huang picks the Clippers, saying that they “have the best combination of talent and coaching on the same league,” saying that the Houston Rockets have the most raw talent but subpar coaching.

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NBA Hall-of-Famer Lenny Wilkens.

Survival Radio Network talks to Hall of Fame NBA player and coach Lenny Wilkens.

Wilkens talk about finding his love for basketball “handball, stickball, football, baseball… certainly baseball was the top sport at that time, because the majority of us were Jackie Robinson fans… for most of us young, aspiring athletes he was a role model.” As his friends gravitated toward basketball, he found himself drawn to the sport because “it was an aggressive game, it was physical, it was up-and-down, it was quick.”

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NCAA Football

The NCAA Weekly Blitz talks about the latest news in the college football world. Former Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Corey Allen stops by to talk about the lates going on in college football as well as the NFL. OF the recent departure of Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, Allen says that his “decision to leave us and take that money… it put us in an awful position, but at the same time I think we capitalized greatly” by hiring Jeremy Pruitt. Of Pruitt, Allen says that “he’s a young guy who has a lot of energy to bring to the table, a lot of new ideas… I’m extremely excited.”

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Behind the Super Bowl

This February will see Super Bowl XLVIII taking place at New Jersy’s MetLife Stadium. Barry Farber talks to Wayne Hasenbalg, PResident and CEO of New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, about what’s going on behind the game.

Hasenbalg talks about how he “integrated the state’s activities for the Super Bowl with the Super Bowl Committee,” forming smaller committes whose functions “range from transit to security to roads.” The committee recently decided that they were “Ready” and actually cancelled the next meeting.

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Former WWE star Matt Hardy

The RCWR Show talks to former WWE wrestler Matt Hardy.

Hardy talks about possibilities of returning to the WWE, saying that he he would consider a return as “a part-time guy that works once a week and dictates his own schedule.” He mentions wanting to work with current WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan, saying that “the fans have just embraced him so greatly.” He also talks about his admiration for wrestler The Undertaker, saying that he represents “a great personality, a great character, a great athlete,” saying that wrestlers of his caliber are “few and far between these days.”

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WWE star The Miz

SportsJAM talks to WWE wrestler the Miz. Miz talks about his rivalry with wrestler Kofi Kingston, saying that Kingston is “one of our top talents” and “one of the most underrated superstars in the WWE,” despite the fact that the two “kind of butt heads here and there.” He describes their rivalry as “trying to out-spotlight the other,” saying that he thinks “people are really enjoying this rivalry.”

Miz also talks about his career path, including his past flipping burgers and his stint on MTV’s The Real World. Getting on The Real World, he says, inspired him to try wrestling because it “made me realize that I could do anything I wanted with my life.”

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Miss Rodeo America Chenae Shiner

Somewhere In Vegas talks to Miss Rodeo America Chenae Shiner about her career and the experience.

Shiner dreamed about the title from an early age, saying that she “always had a true passion” for the sport of rodeo. She says that she was unprepared for the amount of traveling that the title entails but is “very grateful” for the experience. She says that, with minimal sleep, it’s hard for rodeo contestants to maintain a level of energy, saying that it become especially difficult “around day four or five” and that energy drinks become a necessity.

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WWE 2k14 writer Brian Shields

King Jordan Radio talks to Brian Shields, writer for the new wrestling video game WWE 2k14. Shields, having worked with WWE video games since the mid-eighties, calls it the best of the franchise yet in terms of the depth of its roster and variety of game modes. He calls Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage among his favorite characters in the game.

Shields also talks about his work on the game, writing the script for the in-game announcers. He calls the work “a lot of fun.” Guest JJ praises Shields’ script, saying that it “really recreates” the WWE matches.

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