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Luther Campbell: The Nasty Truth Behind that VH1 Hip Hop Honor

Don’t ask Luther Campbell how it feels to be honored by VH1 as a hip-hop artist. But if you do, be prepared to hit the BLEEP button—and hold it down.

Interviewed on The Mutha Knows Show, the 2 Live Crew frontman— who founded his own label in 1990, Luke Records—goes off big-time on the cable net for initially including him in its 2010 Hip Hop Honors show only as a Crew member.

CAPTION: "That's basically what I told'em," Luther (above) tells us of his blowup at VH1. "Then everything got straightened out."

That's basically what I told'em," Luther (above) tells us of his blowup at VH1. "Then everything got straightened out."

“At first they told me I would be honored as a record executive, which is what I appreciate being honored as,” Luther—who was feted alongside the likes of Jermaine Dupris, Timbaland, Master P and J Prince—tells host Mutha.

“Then when I got to the interview and I think there was some mis- communication, misunderstanding.

“But I got to the interview and they only interviewed me with 2 Live Crew and I said, ‘Hold the f— on. I ain’t gonna be inducted as no goddamn member of no group.

“‘When a n—– like me discovered Trick Daddy, Pitbull, Ace Town, 2 Live Crew, all that s—, when you create all that s— and you have gold and platinum DVDs, freak shows and peep shows and you Continue reading

Programming Highlights; May 28, 2010

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Today’s Programming Highlights:


newtgingrich-scroller2At 11:30 AM AACONS host Marie Stroughter welcomes Newt Gingrich, whose new book is titled To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine. The former House Speaker has been ID’d by Beltway pundits as a top White House contender in 2012.


rachel-weisz-scroller31At 1 PM Unlike many thespians of the fair sex who—after snagging an Oscar—refuse to bare it all on the silver screen, Rachel Weisz embraces the move. “It was a powerful tool for me as an actor,” she tells host Robin Milling of disrobing in the historical drama Agora, which opens today.


jj-johnson-scroller2At 6 PM Chris and Company cuts loose with comedian JJ Johnson. The Cleveland native—whose MySpace page lists him as “102 years old” and boasts that he’s been on Cops two times—will treat us to his wicked wit and chat about his charitable causes.


luthercampbell-scrollerTonight at 9 PM Mutha Knows host Mutha gets busy with hip-hop legend Luther Campbell. The Banned in the U.S.A. singer—who fronted 2 Live Crew in the group’s heyday—will fill us in on his upcoming musical projects and current business ventures.


rileymartin-scroller AT 11:30 PM Foil Hat Radio gets up close and personal with Riley Martin, the son of Mississippi sharecroppers who’s now a Sirius Satellite Radio host—and whose knowledge of alien abduction is unmatched anywhere in the (media) universe.


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