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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Whitney Thompson and Chenese Lewis Pose for NOH8 Campaign

Well, they’re at it again.

America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson and our own Chenese Lewis—who last month raised eyebrows by posing nude together for the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women’s Fifth Annual Love Your Body Day—are using their star power for another good cause.

Earlier this month, the dynamic duo slipped into celebrity photog Adam Bouska‘s L.A. studio to shoot a series of pics for his NOH8 (pronounced “No Hate”) campaign, a grassroots movement supporting same-sex marriage in the state of California.

What you see here is an exclusive peek at Whitney (r.) and Chenese’s twist on the two-year-old effort. That by painting NOH8 on their bods as well as on their faces.


“We’re combining the Love Your Body and NOH8 campaigns to demonstrate acceptance not only of Continue reading