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Oh, Snaps! Pauly Hangs with ‘American Idol’ Finalist Adam Lambert

There’s no question as to which American Idol finalist our Fruit Salad hosts will be rooting for tonight when the mega-hit reality series picks its Season Eight winner: Kris Allen or Adam Lambert.

Hands down, it’s the flamboyant Adam that Pauly’s got his money on.

“Adam is an unbelievable talent,” Pauly tells us. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen someone of his caliber in our generation. He’s reminiscent of David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Steve Perry all rolled into one hot package.”

Adam (left) with Pauly recently at Mark's restaurant in West Hollywood.

Adam (left) with Pauly recently at Mark's restaurant in West Hollywood.

Meanwhile, hot new boy band Varsity Fanclub tells us they, too, have their fingers crossed for Adam – and that they’ve chilled with his beau.

“We hung out with him a couple of weeks ago out here in L.A.  So we gotta choose Adam,” VFC frontman David Brandt tells WZAP Radio host Zachary Sang.

“Did you meet his boyfriend?” asks the incorrigible Zach.

“We definitely saw him. We were at the ‘Do, which is an awesome club. And they were definitely hangin’ out in the corner… in a booth.”

The live season finale of American Idol gets under way tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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BlogTalkRadio Launches Heading Right and Heading Left Stations

BlogTalkRadio programming gets better every day.  So it should come as no surprise that we’ve just launched Heading Left and Heading Right stations.

As you know, we have plenty of great political shows. And these new stations will aggregate that content to bring you 11 live hours of listening, from breaking news to leading guests to the latest mudslinging of Election ’08.

Heading Right’s editor is none other than BlogTalkRado’s MediaLizzy, who’s jazzed about the new stations.

“Politics is really about two things: passion and love of country,” Lizzy tells us. “As the editor of Heading Right – and through Alan Levy‘s groundbreaking, 21st-century-ultimate-in-free-speech model – I’m excited and honored to build the bridge between right-leaning icons, leaders, and policy makers with real main street Americans.”

Adam Lambert, editor of the Heading Left station, is just as eager to get started.

“We are excited for the roll out of the Heading Left station and channel.  We have added a number of outstanding hosts over the past few months, and have had many excellent guests, including authors, personalities, strategists, Congressional officials as well as Representatives,” he says. “We look forward to continuing to grow the channel and get more interesting guests as Heading Left gains more exposure over the coming months.”

Stay tuned for more innovative programming from BlogTalkRadio.

The State of the Politics on BlogTalkRadio

Right meets Left today on the Alan Levy show. Alan gets a state of the union on politics on BlogTalkRadio with special guests Adam Lambert and Ed Morrissey.

Heading Left director Adam Lambert will step up to the plate with Political and Heading Right Director Ed Morrissey today at 2pm ET on the Alan Levy Show.

headingleftHeading Left is the central hub for Progressives and Democrats on BlogTalkRadio. This is where the best progressive thinkers, writers, pundits and characters from the online community gather to discuss current events and politics through the miracle of BlogTalkRadio.

heading_right Heading Right is the central hub for Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio. This is where the best conservative thinkers, writers, pundits and characters do the same.