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America Picks a New Prez – and His Name Is… James Marshall?

That’s right.

Last night on BlogTalkRadio’s Movie Addict Headquarters, listeners cast their e-ballots for Best Big-Screen Commander in Chief of All Time.

And just moments ago, host Betty Jo Tucker released the official election results, which show that Americans favor Harrison Ford by a landslide.

“Indy” candidate clinches cinematic White House race.

Harrison Ford: “Indy” candidate clinches cinematic White House race.

Ford snatched 29 percent of the vote for his portrayal of President James Marshall in the 1997 Wolfgang Petersen blockbuster Air Force One.

Coming in a distant second is Kevin Kline, for his por- trayal of President Bill Mitchell in Ivan Reitman’s 1993 comedy, Dave (17%), followed by Bill Pullman as President Thomas Whitmore in 1997’s Independence Day (11%).

Other contenders in the race included Henry Fonda in Fail-Safe (11%), Polly Bergen in Kisses for My President (11%), and Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact (7%).

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