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Introducing Amazon.com Link Feature from Segment Page!

Do you have a guest who’s written a book, cut a CD or been in a movie or television show? Now you can help promote those items with an easy and direct link to Amazon.com right on your BlogTalkRadio segment! It’s built right in to the segment tab of your account.

Our developers have released the new Amazon Link feature that enables you to post your guest’s book, CD, DVD (or whatever) onto your segment page. This image will be displayed in the show description on the show page. When “moused over” it shows the details of the item and provides a link directly to the item’s page on Amazon.com!


Additionally, any sales generated by the link on the segment page are credited towards the host as part of the Revenue Sharing program (if enrolled), so you can make money by helping your guests promote their items. A real win-win.

This can be done for all new segments as well as archives. You can edit older shows and insert the Amazon image and links for people who are listening to your archives. Here’s a hint, make sure in the future you mention this during your show, so people listening to your archives via your site or MySpace page know a link to the guest’s work is easy to find from BlogTalkRadio.

Take a look at this how-to guide for more information. It couldn’t be any easier. Search, click and post. Help your guest and help yourselves with this new Amazon Link feature.