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Daily Highlights; August 13, 2010

mary-higgins-clarkAt 3 PM Our wOw Effect host, Lesley Stahl, sits down with best-selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, mystery novelist Carol Higgins Clark. The prolific scribes will discuss their similarities and differences in crafting compelling reads.

At noon Grand Central Publishing welcomes Alexandra Lebenthal, who is CEO of Wall Street investment firm Lebenthal & Co., and whose new book The Recessionistas—“a novel of the once rich and powerful”—is a tale of social upheaval in the Big Apple.


At 9 PM Host Timothy Hodge celebrates his 2-year anniversary on BlogTalkRadio (you the man, TH!) with best wishes from such acts as the GS Boyz, Oleta Adams, Lucky Peterson and Jason Weaver —who played Michael Jackson in 1992’s The Jacksons: An American Dream.

At 3 PM Tomorrow Will Be Televised’s Simon Applebaum hangs with Henry Bromell, the Emmy-winning executive producer of AMC’s Rubicon. Plus: Anup Murarka, Adobe Systems’ Flash platform product marketing director, discusses Google TV.

On demand: BEST Business Radio welcomes baseball great Pete Rose, who shares the secrets of his on- and off-field success. “Throughout my career, I worked my opposition. And I continuously do that today,” he says. “There’s not a lazy bone in my body—and I’ll grind the person I’m playing against.”

At 4 PM Coffee Talk Jazz Radio host “Ms. Bridgette” Lewis kicks it with jazz vocalist and guitarist Nadia Washington, who attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music on a Bill Cosby Presidential Scholarship. The singer will sample her latest tracks, Inner Urge and Who Cares.

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Programming Highlights; June 2, 2010

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Today’s Programming Highlights:


bryan-batt1 At noon Tomatoes in Trenches host Cheryl Benton chills with Bryan Batt, who plays Salvatore Romano on the critically-acclaimed AMC series Mad Men. The flamboyant actor will chat about his new book, She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother.


joe-delamielleureAt 7 PM The Final Word’s and JayReelz and J.D. huddle with six-time NFL All-Pro Joe DeLamiellueure. The offensive guard will recount his glory days as a central figure in the Buffalo Bill’s “Electric Company” line-up—that led the way for OJ Simpson to rush 2,003 yards in 1973.


bonnie-pointerAt 7 PM Life After Dusk host Cedric Collier kicks it with Bonnie Pointer, who—as a founding member of The Pointer Sisters—made R&B history with such hits as How Long and You Gotta Believe. Bonnie will chat about her new album, Like a Picasso.


john-refoua1Also at 7 PM 123 Film!’s Sam Heer goes one-on-one with film editor John Refoua, who, with Stephen Rivkin and director James Cameron (above), has been nominated for an Oscar for his work on the highest-grossing flick of all time—Avatar.


krystal-gayAt 9 PM Annie and Burl Gregory hang with Krystal Gray, former New York Majesty QB—in the Lingerie Football League—and current member of the Baltimore Charms. Krystal will chat about… well, does it really matter? You guys know you’ll be tuning in anyhow.


jg-hertzlerAt 10 PM The Sphere welcomes JG Hertzler, who played Chancellor Martok in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and has also done guest turns on shows ranging from Seinfeld to Six Feet Under. In addition to talking shop, JG will weigh in on the political scene.


Thousands of live radio shows broadcast live everyday on BlogTalkRadio. Find out what’s on live now.

‘Breaking Bad’ Star Anna Gunn: I Trashed My Baby!

Anna Gunn may have had a bun in the oven on Breaking Bad, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

Interviewed on Milling About, the actress who plays Skyler White reveals the extent of the discomfort her unborn “child” caused her during Seasons 1 and 2 of the Emmy-winning AMC series.

CAPTION: "I behaved very badly," real-life Anna (above) tells us. "I broke bad with my own baby suit!"

"I behaved very badly," real-life mom Anna (above) tells us. "I broke bad with my own baby."

“I had to wear a leotard that had built-in breasts, because your breasts are bigger, and it had the belly with a little snap underneath,” Anna, who give birth to her second daughter just five months before shooting the BB pilot—and was breast-feeding at the time—tells host Robin Milling.

“It was very uncomfortable. When we shot the last scene with the baby belly I took it off and swung it around my head and ran around the parking lot outside the studio.

“Then I climbed up a ladder and put it on top of the grip truck with the [assistant director] running after me—‘No, no! That’s Continue reading

Programming Highlights; March 25, 2010

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Today’s Programming Highlights:

alison-brie-for-christieAt 9:30 AM Mad Men star Alison Brie stops by Buzzworthy Radio to fill us in on what’s shakin’ on the hit AMC series. She’ll also chat about her upcoming feature flick, Montana Amazon, co-starring Haley Joel Osment and Olympia Dukakis.



author-chick-for-christie3At 5 PM Author Lucy Hurston, whose aunt was novelist Zora Neale Hurston—a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance whose work inspired writers like Ralph Ellison and Alice Walker—visits L.A.’s Marymount High School to discuss Zora’s legacy with Top Shelf.



tv-dude-for-christieAt 8 PM Brian J. Smith joins Alpha Waves to talk about his role as Lt. Matthew Scott on the awesome new SyFy show Stargate: Universe, and the impending return of the saga on April 2.



stefan-pinto-for-christieAlso at 8 PM Susan Cotter welcomes Stefan Pinto, a fitness model and actor who has appeared on hit TV show Burn Notice, to talk about his unlikely journey to fame and his passion for fitness.



indian-dude-for-chrisiteAt 9 PM Shekhar Kapur, director of the Oscar-winning Elizabeth films starring Cate Blanchett, known for his work in both Bollywood and Hollywood, talks about his new science fiction film called Paani with Deep Space.



sher-for-christieAt 10 PM NDB Media welcomes Dr. Shlomo Sher, an expert on Lost and one of its most avid fans, renowned for being part of the Lost University, talks about his fan website and what’s next for the show.



Thousands of live radio shows broadcast live everyday on BlogTalkRadio. Find out what’s on live now.

Anna Gunn is Breaking Bad on BlogTalkRadio

Anna Gunn from AMC’s newest drama “Breaking Bad,” takes your calls on this exclusive Mr. Media interview.

Anna Gunn Mr. Media brings you Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Anna Gunn as she helps launch the new AMC original series drama “Breaking Bad.” She’ll be live and taking your calls at (646) 595-3135 today at 1pm ET.

“Breaking Bad” premiered this week. It stars Bryan Cranston, (the dad from “Malcolm in the Middle”) and his character’s wife, Skyler White, is portrayed by Anna Gunn. You may also remember her as a co-star in the HBO series “Deadwood” as Martha, the wife of Sheriff Bullock. Join them live today.