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Brad Garrett, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Mena Suvari and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

brad-garrett6Brad Garrett: The Everybody Loves Raymond star offers a decidedly un-Disneyesque synopsis of his new animated flick—Disney’s Tangled, starring Mandy Moore as Rapunzel. “It’s this hot chick who lives in a castle,” Brad tells Night Views Radio host Robert Saul of the classic children’s tale, opening today. “And, oddly enough, it’s her…” Ah, listen now.

jake-anneJake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway: The Brokeback Mountain and Devil Wears Prada stars reveal an R-rated moment while on the set of their new romantic comedy, Love and Other Drugs. “When we turned around and drove up,” Anne tells Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon, “the crew decided to moon us.”

paolocoehlo3Paulo Coelho: The iconic Brazilian writer chats with Syndicated News host Ruthie DiTucci about the 20th anniversary edition of his allegorical novel The Alchemist, which has sold more than 65 million copies—and holds the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.

mena-suvari1Mena Suvari: The American Beauty star and Catarina Murino—who played Solange opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale—drop in on Movie Geeks United hosts Jamey DuVall and Jerry Dennis to chat about their new flick, The Garden of Eden, based on Ernest Hemingway’s posthumously-completed novel of the same name.

john-ohurleyJohn O’Hurley: Seinfeld’s J. Peterman tells host Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman how he landed his hosting gig for The National Dog Show Presented by Purina: “It came to me as a big surprise one day when the head of NBC Sports gave me a call and said, ‘Woof! Woof!’ That’s how it started 9 years ago.”

bj-thomas1B.J. Thomas: The pop icon recalls having laryngitis while recording the Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid soundtrack, which would yield the Oscar-winning megahit Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head. “The 20th Century Fox guy said, ‘Boy this is great,” B.J. tells Milling About host Robin Milling. It sounds like maybe Paul Newman was singing!’”

‘American Beauty’ Babe to Grace BlogTalkRadio

It’s been nearly a decade since American Beauty bowed at the Cineplex, but if you think we’ve forgotten this chilling tale of suburban angst, you’re dead wrong.

Still emblazoned in our minds is the image of a then-17-year-old Thora Birch grappling with screen dad Kevin Spacey’s infatuation with her classmate, Mena Suvari.

Thora: Back on the big screen.

Thora: Back on the big screen.

You can imagine, then, how thrilled we are to be welcoming Thora to BlogTalkRadio.

Today at 2 p.m. ET, the now-26-year-old actress drops in on REEL Ladies to chat about her upcoming flicks – like Deadline, in which she stars opposite Brittany Murphy – after a two-year absence from the silver screen.

So if some pressing matter arises between 2 and 3 p.m. today and you think we’re going tear ourselves away from our PC to attend to it, you are, once again, dead wrong.

To hear Thora’s full interview, click here.