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Richard Earl Thomas aka John-Boy Walton, Chicago Legal Latte, “Two Angry Mom’s” Ami Kalada and more today on BlogTalkRadio

richard_thomasRichard Earl Thomas , best known as budding author John-Boy in the The Waltons, joins Olivia Wilder to discuss his long career from film to broadway.

latteChicago Legal Latte tackles the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty for small business owners and what individuals should do if they think they will, or already have been assessed.

chitokaChitoka Webb is a CEO, motivational speaker and an author; and has accomplished all of these in her mid-thirties. She joins FMMK Talk Radio to discuss her inspiring memoir, “Something Inside of Me.”

fedupwithlunchAmi Kalafa the award-winning documentary filmmaker of “Two Angry Moms“, joins Functional Holistic Wellness to discuss the food that our children eat in school.

lis-wiehl-2Lis Wiehl, Fox News legal analyst , host of “Wiehl of Justice”, and weekly “O’Reilly Factor” and “Imus In The Morning” contributor, will joins Nightly Candy Chat to discuss topics in currents events and her new best-selling book, “Heart of Ice”

christian-leblancChristian LeBlanc three time Daytime Emmy award winner on Jasam Radio.  For the last 15 years, Christian has portrayed the dastardly villain turned upstanding attorney, “Michael Baldwin” on the Daytime Emmy award winning drama The Young and the Restless

tony-terryTony Terry released his first hit in 1987 with She’s Fly and has had several hits in between, including the popular With You. Tune in to Behind The Mic as they get caught up with what he has been up to.