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Brad Garrett’s New Occupation: Comedy Club Proprietor!

Ray Barone’s big bro is finally striking out on his own—in Sin City.

Interviewed on Night Views Radio, Brad Garrett, who played Robert Barone on the hit CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, revealed a new business venture.

Brad: Goin' the (Rodney) Dangerfield's route.

Brad: Goin' the (Rodney) Dangerfield's route.

“On June 28, I’m opening up my own comedy club. In Las Vegas —at the Tropicana,” the funnyman told host Michael Nayt at Annie Duke Celebrity Poker Night last week at the Commerce Casino in Las Vegas, which benefited After-School All-Stars.

“I’m very very excited. ‘I’ve always wanted a club,” he added.

“We’re going back to old Vegas —like the Cocoa Room—and it’s very very cool.”

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