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MediaLizzy: Heading Right on AOL



We love watching our hosts succeed and MediaLizzy certainly doesn’t disappoint. Monday found her Heading Right article speculating on McCain’s VP choices on the front page of AOL!  Further proof of Lizzy’s popularity is in her AOL Hot Seat Poll – which so far has yielded over 50,000 responses! Plus, over 225 people commented.

It’s no small feat to be featured on the front page of a major Internet news source. Congratulations for MediaLizzy for being up to the task.

New Weekly Correspondents on TV Talk with Shaun OMac

Shaun OMac Radio welcomes some notable names to the program as weekly Correspondents including Ray Richmond, the legendary veteran TV and entertainment critic for Hollywood Reporter. He’ll be a weekly contributor to TV Talk with Shaun OMac on Mondays, starting today at 6pm ET.

Also AOL’s TVSquad will be a Wednesday weekly contributor. They both join Kenn Gold of MediaBlvd.com and his regular Friday appearances and Zap2It’s TVGal and It Happened Last Night bloggers, as weekly contributors to TV Talk with Shaun OMac.

TV Talk with Shaun OMac, is a five day-a-week radio show that talks prime time television including the ratings, what’s on and the latest news from the world of television.