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Memorial Day on BlogTalkRadio

Whether you are having a hot dog or enjoying the weather today, Memorial Day is a time to appreciate and remember all that our citizens dedicate and sacrifice for our country.

Our BlogTalkRadio community boasts several shows that highlight the issues and importance of serving our country, such as America Supports You, Navy Homefront Talk, and Army Wives Talk Radio and SpouseBuzz to name a few.

Just last week The Smithsonian Channel aired a show to discuss their new documentary, Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25.

In honor of Memorial Day, our editorial team has selected a few shows to feature on the homepage that relate to the important issues we should focus on today.

Please take a moment and enjoy our programming.

Basic Training with Sergeant Volkin on BlogTalkRadio

Volkin Sergeant Volkin brings military boot camp to BlogTalkRadio. So drop and give me fifty, soldier.

Today at 12:30pm ET, Michael Volkin brings you audio basic training with a unique splash of humor. This show is specific for basic training recruits. If you have ever been in the military or about to join, this show is for you!

Covering everything military with a focus on basic training to help new recruits.