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WordPress Founding Developer Matt Mullenweg on BlogTalkRadio

Update: While we confirmed this interview this morning and Matt was scheduled to call in to our show, he never called in. We tried to reach his office during the show and there was no answer. We apologize for this inconvenience; however, there is little we can do when a guest does not keep the commitment. In the meantime, check out other great tech shows at the Best of BTR.

I’m writing on a WordPress blog now, and you are reading a WordPress blog.

mullenweg_matt.jpgWe use countless innovations and technologies on the internet everyday, but rarely do we talk to the man behind the idea.

Today we’ll interview Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress personal publishing software, the very software that enables me and many others to blog and get their views out in the world.

Matt joins The Alan Levy Show at 2pm ET to discuss his background, experiences with his company Automattic, and views on the current state of the Web.

Don’t miss this interview with one of the pioneers of blogging software.