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You’re Invited to Jason Collins’ Coming Out Party | 04.30.13

NBA’s jason Collins: ‘I’m Black. And I’m gay.’

by Hampton Blu Radio in BASKETBALL

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” Sharing those words during a Sports Illustrated interview, the Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins became the first openly gay male in a U.S. major sport. And at noon today (Tuesday), join Nicholas Snow for more on Collins’ courage, and call in with your comments!

pIERCE BROSNAN talks catharsis & his new leading lady

by Movie Geeks United in MOVIES

Pierce Brosnan (Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies) stars in Love Is All You Need, opening this week in NY and LA. Plus, a chat with directors of films loaded with Oscar-winners: Dante Ariola (Arthur Newman) and Justin Zackham (writer-director of The Big Wedding). Brosnan interview starts 21 minutes in.

Survivor stories: Special on genocide

by Making Sense with Steve Leser in POLITICS

A sobering chat with survivors and descendants of survivors of the Armenian, Cambodian, Rwandan Genocides and the Holocaust, plus strategies for improving the odds to make “Never Again” a reality.

Summerstage Concert series preview: Hip-Hop

by The NY Hip-Hop Report in HIP-HOP MUSIC

NYC’s SummerStage Concert Series will represent hip hop’s 40th anniversary in a major way, with Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and more. Get a preview of all the events!

Crowdfunding tips for your creative projects

by CandiXRandy in TECHNOLOGY

Got a creative project you’d love to pursue, but don’t have the funds? Hear how Emmy-winning writer Leslie Nipkow and Broadway veteran T. Oliver Reid used Kickstarter to fund their creative projects.

Overheard: Rap Legend on Where Hip-Hop’s Headed | 03.13.13

big daddy Kane on WHERE Hip-Hop’S HEADED and his new band

by The NY Hip-Hop Report in MUSIC

Hip-hop’s legendary smooth operator, Big Daddy Kane, talks the state of hip-hop in 2013, the NY rap scene and his new live fusion band, Las Supper.

beast Hunter Star raises Colorectal Cancer Awareness

by Stupid Cancer Show in HEALTH

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and survivor Pat Spain guests on The Stupid Cancer Show. The young actor stars in National Geographic’s hit show, Beast Hunter



Build Grow and Enjoy Radio welcomes NBA legend Derek Anderson, whose recently released book, Stamina, is an inspiring tell-all of struggle, pain and victory.

America’s Got talent RISING COMIC Melissa Villasenor

by Monkey Radio in COMEDY

Dig British humor? DJs from the UK’s “The Mickey and Billy Show” chat with former America’s Got Talent impressionist, rising standup comic and Cartoon Network VO artist Melissa Villasenor.


by Best People We Know in WOMEN

Abuse is never in fashion, and The Little Black Dress Society educates and empowers women to end abuse throughout the world. Learn ways to cope, get help or volunteer for the cause.

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