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Debi Mazar, Nia Long, Chris Burke and Jacoby Jones Today on BlogTalkRadio

debbie-mazarDebi Mazar: The New York City native who made her name opposite Ray Liotta in GoodFellas—before going on star in the HBO’s Entourage—drops in with hubby Gabriele Corcos to chat with host Olivia Wilder about their new Cooking Channel series, Extra Virgin.

nia-long1Nia Long: The actress known for her roles in such big-screen outings as Soul Food, Love Jones and Big Momma’s House stops by Keeping It Reel to talk with host Tim Gordon about her upcoming indie fick, Mooz-Lum, co-starring Danny Glover.

chris-burkeChris Burke: The actor who, as Corky on ABC’s Life Goes On, struck a victory for people with Down Syndrome, drops in on Matty P’s Happy Hour host Matthew Picone to chat about his upcoming roles. Plus: Cheesy from VH1’s I Love New York 2.

att-faithevansFaith Evans: The Grammy-winning diva recalls her 3-year marriage to slain rapper Biggie Smalls. “It was such a short-lived relationship,” she tells The Mutha Knows Show host Mutha. “But because we had so much fun, it ultimately overshadowed a lot of the not-so-fun parts.

jacoby-jonesJacoby Jones: The Houston Texans wide receiver sits down with the Get Up Show host Chris LaMonica to talk about the 2010 NFL season, and about his victory last month in the Visa Men’s Super 60m Race at the 104th Millrose Games in New York City.

Oh, Snaps! Kacey Chills with Angela Bassett and the Rest of ‘Notorious’ Cast

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

That is in fact Angela Bassett cozying up to BlogTalkRadio’s own Kacey Chrysler (you lucky dog, you).

Casey (right) feels the love from Angela.

Kacey (right) feels the love from Angela.

Yesterday, Kacey hung with the superstar actress and other cast members from the upcoming film Notorious, which tells the story of superstar rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (born Christopher Wallace), aka Biggie Smalls, who was shot to death in 1997 during the so-called “East Coast-West Coast” rap wars.

In addition to interviewing Angela – who plays Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace – the Chrysler Radio host was treated to a tour of Biggie’s Brooklyn home, school and other points of interest in the ‘hood.

Casey with Jamal Woolard, who plays Biggie.

Kacey with big-screen Biggie Jamal.

“Ms. Wallace said she was amazed at how perfectly Angela portrayed her,” Kacey tells us. “She also said Jamal Woolard [who plays Biggie] wasn’t acting. He was The Notorious B.I.G.”

As for his take on the Biggie flick, Kacey sees “big” box-office busi- ness when it opens January 16.

“I give it five stars!” raves Kacey. “Most def a must-see.”

And with Derek Luke, who plays P. Diddy.

And with Derek Luke, who plays P. Diddy.

To hear Kacey’s interview with the cast of Notorious and their real-life counterparts,  click here.

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