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Programming Highlights; July 7, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:


andrea-linAt 1 PM Tomatoes in Trenches’ Cheryl Benton asks, Are you bored with your workout routine? Then Andrea Lin—a choreographer who’s worked with A-listers like Madonna and Mariah Carey—can help. The lithe Taiwanese beauty will chat about the latest release in her Dance A Go-Go series.


allanah-mylesAt 2 PM Namaste Radio rolls out the red carpet for Alannah Myles, the Canadian songbird who snagged a Grammy for 1990’s Black Velvet. The stunning diva will chat about her new album, which offers a new take on that smash hit single.


bill-cosbyAt 7:30 PM Meet America’s newest social-media guru—Bill Cosby on his new Blog Talk Radio show! Join the comic icon for a two-hour special as he unveils his new iPhone app, chats about his hilarious webcast series, OBKB, and offers his trademark take on Twitter, BlogTalkRadio and every platform in between.


billy-bob-thorntonAt 9 PM Twisted South Radio hosts Zeke Loftin and Michael Buffalo Smith mosey up to Billy Bob Thornton and his band, The Boxmasters, whose third CD, Modbilly, features such tracks as The Lord Knows I’m Drinkin’ and That’s Why Tammy Has My Car.


stephen-martinesAlso at 9 PM The VRO’s Amy McCracken and her coven of co-hosts swoon over Stephen Martines, who made his name on The Guiding Light and General Hospital, and now plays super-bad vamp Frederick on the CW’s Vampire Diaries. The hottie will chat about his upcoming big-screen projects.


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Bill Cosby Responds to ‘Cosby Show’ Fan’s Tweet via CinchCast: ‘I LOVED Doing the Huxtables!’

Never let it be said that America’s Dad doesn’t do right by his fans.

Yesterday, Josh Shifris, 37, of Louisville, Ky.—who runs a fan club for ‘80s sitcoms—sent Bill Cosby a tweet in which he inquired:

CAPTION: "I will tell you this right now, he is tickled," Bill (above) tells us of Cliff Huxtable's view of doctor-hood.

"I will tell you this right now, he is tickled," Bill (above) tells us of Dr. Huxtable.

“Did you like playing Dr. Huxtable and how would you describe him?”

The comic’s response?

“I loved doing the Huxtables! What a wonderful, wonderful time,” Bill posted on his CinchCast page, where his wisdom-filled audio dispatches live.

“Cliff Huxtable is the following: As young man, he loved to study. He loves chemistry, he loves medicine, he loves saving lives. And he became Continue reading

Partying with Cosby on BlogTalkRadio

Have you heard about Bill Cosby’s LISTENing parties?cosnarati

The New York Times just reviewed veteran comedian and cultural icon Bill Cosby’s dive into the social media space, including his use of the BlogTalkRadio platform to broadcast his views in yesterday’s piece, Cosby Takes a Web Plunge, Sweaters in Tow.

Last month, Bill took to BlogTalkRadio’s airwaves for a Virtual Town Hall Meeting at a live event in New York City.  At the event, Bill introduced the new Cosnarati Band to perform tracks from their debut album, Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency.  The album features socially conscious hip hop music, with lyrics written by Bill himself.  The NYC event was designed to stimulate live conversation among Cosby fans of all ages about important social issues such as abuse, peer pressure, and improving education.

cosHere’s where Bill’s LISTENing Parties come in.

Cosby’s initiative aims to increase consciousness about these issues, and to make sure the discussion continues at home.  To this end, he wants fans to order the album and plan a LISTENing party for groups of fans, so they can talk about the issues raised together afterward.  You can host a private LISTENing party, or a public LISTENing event, at your church, school, or in your community.  The public parties get the album gratis and free swag, and are registered at BillCosby.com for easy joinability.  Read the official Party Manual for all the deets.

And if you’re like us, and most of your friends are online, what better way to break down the messages from Bill’s album with a chat on BlogTalkRadio?  If you’re hosting a LISTENing party in your area, register for a free account with us and take your chat to the airwaves, where the intellectual becomes interactive.

Cinch ‘Already Garnering Some Buzz in the Tech Blogosphere’: The Wall Street Journal

cinch-phone1It’s been a mere three days since we launched Cinch—our latest social-media tool, which makes creating short, snappy podcasts, well, a cinch—but already the national media is taking note.

To say nothing of a comic legend.

The Wall Street Journal‘s App Watch column reports:

“For social networking aficionados who want to inject a little more personality into their status updates, a new app called Cinch from the folks at BlogTalkRadio allows users to post audio messages along with standard text and photos.

“The free iPhone app, which went live on Friday on iTunes and Cinchcast, is already garnering some buzz in Continue reading

Bill Cosby Reboots Hip-Hop’s Social Conscience with Live Town Hall Special

Bill Cosby has long been instrumental in instilling pride, self-respect and peace in America’s young people.

So it comes as no surprise that he’s now helping rekindle hip-hop’s socially-conscious flame.

The Cos: Comin' back for a great cause.

The Cos: Comin' back for a great cause.

Today at 7pm ET, the legendary comedian takes to the Internet with a virtual town-hall meeting that tackles such issues as peer pressure, abuse, education and, last but not least, sexism and violence in rap music.

During the 90-minute special, presented live from NYC and simulcast on BlogTalkRadio, concerned citizens will be invited to voice their opinions and share proposed solutions to the crisis that Bill says “We need to confront now, collectively and individually.”

He’ll also introduce the Cosnarati Band, Continue reading

It’s a Sociable Edition of ‘The Mix’

What with The Daily Mix being billed as “the show that brings you the best moments from BlogTalkRadio’s unmatched mix of social-radio programming,” it was only matter of time before we stumbled upon a sociable edition.

And now that we have, you’ll want to be front and center tonight, because that’s when you will learn:

CAPTION: "It was really effortless," Steven tells us of sharing the silver screen with Al Pacino. "We were best friends."

"It was really effortless," Steven tells us of sharing the silver screen with Al Pacino. "We were best friends."

—Which of his Scarface co-stars Steven Bauer is referring to when he says, “Our relationship was cemented the day we met. We had a natural chemistry.” (Hint: His last name contains the letters “P-a-c-i-n-o.”)

—In what context Bill Cosby tells us, “I’m gonna post audio, and after the audio, they will Tweet me.”

—When True Blood creator Alan Ball tells us, “If it does mean something about the human psyche, I don’t know what it is,” which current pop-culture craze he’s talking about. Continue reading