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Black Gold Launches BlogTalkRadio Show

Black Gold is the new collaboration between Eric Ronick (Panic at the Disco, Ambulance Ltd.), Than Luu (M. Ward, Rachel Yamagata, shushshush), Siggy (POE, Panic channel, powerman5000, Justin Timberlake) and Alistair Paxton (The Metronomes, Stapleton) black gold formed at the beginning of 2006 while Eric and Than were on tour with Ambulance Ltd. and The Killers.


After touring, they immediately set up at Thinman Studios in Brooklyn and began writing and recording. The band lineup was complete with the addition of guitarist Alistair Paxton and bass player Siggy. The result is Black Gold, music with an addictive collection of songs evoking T-Rex, Satie, Chic, Quincy Jones-era Michael Jackson, Bowie, the brothers Gibb and the Band.

Saturday @ 3pm ET / Noon PT