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Tom Conti: BB-See ‘Ya Later! Acclaimed Actor from Across the Pond Bashes British TV

Here’s a bit of bad news for PBS aficionados who’ve long held that British imports are better than “trashy” American series:

Tube-wise, says Tom Conti, the days of U.K. dominance are dead and gone.

Can’t abide his peeps’ productions.

Tom: Can’t abide his peeps’ productions.

While chatting with Olivia Wilder, host of BlogTalkRadio’s Olivia Wilder Times, the English actor – who was schooled at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and has starred in such classic BBC pro- ductions as The Norman Conquests and The Glittering Prizes – made it clear that the U.S. now beats the knickers off Britain.

“I much prefer working on American television. They’re better at it. We used to be good at it – 25 years ago and before. But somehow, British television has sunk to an impossible state, whereas American tele- vision has got better and better,” says Tom.

“I did a few episodes of Friends and that was just marvelous because everybody there is so clever. All the actors who played the friends were absolutely brilliant.

“Not only that, but they were extremely nice. They liked each other. They hadn’t fallen out after all these years. . . We all got on terribly well and had a really good time.”

To hear more from Tom – including details of his next big-screen role, opposite (American) hottie Daryl Hannah in the just-wrapped Blind Man’s Bluff, click here.