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Questions About Equipment? Not Sure Where to Begin? Learn From the Best in the BlogTalkRadio Forum

Interact with the BlogTalkRadio community at our forum.

Interact with the BlogTalkRadio community at our forum.

BlogTalkRadio hosts love to discuss equipment. From microphones to telephones everyone has a recommendation. Hosts and listeners also have terrific advice for the best ways to use BlogTalkRadio to your advantage. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to BlogTalkRadio, or an old pro, there’s plenty of tips, talk and advice happening at the BlogTalkRadio forum. Here are some of the different discussions happening right now:

  • I’d Like to Be a Guest – Experts who wish to share with others are posting their details at the forum. If you’re looking for folks to feature on your show, or looking to be a guest on someone else’s program, this section of the forum is a goldmine.
  • Phone, Skype…or? – Not sure what to use to dial in for the best sound quality? Our hosts weigh in on their favorite call in methods.
  • BlogTalkRadio Shows – Features genre friendly folders to discuss and promote shows.
  • Blogs and Social Media – Here’s where we share details about our blogs and Twitter ID’s and share other social networking methods for helping to bring in traffic and spread the word about their shows.

The BlogTalkRadio forum is a positive, pleasant place where hosts and listeners can enjoy each other’s company and share the tricks of the trade. Won’t you join us and share your ideas?

Have You Checked out the BlogTalkRadio Forum Yet?


If you’re a member of  BlogTalkRadio – either as a host or a listener – you’re already signed up for the BlogTalkRadio forum. Membership really DOES have its privileges!  And if you haven’t yet checked out our new forum, I encourage you to do so. Many of our hosts are sharing tips and ideas for promoting their shows, discussing equipment and much more. We have special places for different niches and genres to get together and talk about their favorite topics and even a forum where hosts can promote their shows to their hearts content. We even have an off topic gathering place for those members who don’t wish to talk shop all the time.

You’re not the only one with a passion for online radio. Drop by our forum and meet others who share your addiction!

Finding Guests for Your BlogTalkRadio Shows


by Deborah Ng

Many of our BlogTalkRadio hosts are old pros when it comes to signing up guests to appear on the shows. Many of our newer hosts, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind a few ideas for getting guests. Here are a few ideas that can help:

Look Online for Experts in Your Niche

Thanks to the Internet, experts in your field are easy to reach out to. Even better, most are more than willing to give an interview. They want the publicity as much as you want the interview. Search for blogs and websites written by experts in your niche and contact those experts using the site’s “contact” page.

Ask Your Fellow Hosts

Many of your fellow hosts are experts in their own right and they would be more than happy to swap guest spots. Reach out to them via BlogTalkRadio or our forum. In fact, we even have our folder at our forum for guests looking for shows.

Use the Social Networks

Want to find a guest? Put the word out on Twitter or another social network. Chances are, you’ll find more than a few takers.

Try Profnet

When I was a freelance writer my favorite way of finding interview subjects was to sign up for Profnet. Profnet allows you to reach out to publicists via their online form. Tell them you’re an online radio host looking for guests in your niche. Be forewarned though, sometimes you receive more responses than your mailbox can handle.

Your turn: How do you find guests for your BlogTalkRadio show?

You’re Invited: Live BlogTalkRadio Training Session

btr1011To help you become more familiar with our new user interface, we’re hosting two live training sessions this week, and all hosts and listeners are invited!

Today at 1pm EST and Wednesday at 1pm EST, click here to listen live on the site. The chat will be open and we’ll be answering your questions live on-air.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask live on-air, please call in at: (646) 378-1145

If you can’t attend the live training session, you can listen to archives at any time by going here.

Make sure to visit our new BlogTalkRadio Learning Center for tutorials, tips, and techniques to expand your Internet radio voice. We’ve created screencasts, FAQ’s and resources to help you get started with BlogTalkRadio. If you haven’t yet visited our forum, we’d love to have you join us here.

To read an overview of our new user interface and the changes that you’ll see throughout the www.BlogTalkRadio.com site, click here.

BlogTalkRadio Has a New Forum!

Join the BlogTalkRadio community at our new forum!

Join the BlogTalkRadio community at our new forum!

by Deb Ng

BlogTalkRadio is pleased to announce the launch of our new community forum. Designed to bring the BlogTalkRadio community together, the forum will enable hosts, listeners and the entire BlogTalkRadio Team to interact and grow together.

Even though we already have a BlogTalkRadio Yahoo Group, we feel the benefits of a community forum will be more appealing as members will no longer have to wait for topic or member approval in order to interact with each other.  The conversation will be immediate and continuous! In fact, if you’re already signed up to be a BlogTalkRadio host or member, you’re already signed up for the new forum! Just log on using your BlogTalkRadio sign in details.

Some of the features of our new BlogTalkRadio forum:

  • A place for hosts and listeners to introduce themselves
  • Specific discussion areas for each genre
  • A place for hosts to find guests (and vice versa)
  • A forum for technical issues
  • A place to discuss your favorite tools and equipment
  • Discussion of social networking and tools to better enhance the BlogTalkRadio experience
  • A place to share ideas for networking and bringing in traffic

Since only members can post new topics, we hope to be a spam free forum!

The BlogTalkRadio forum
is now open for business. We hope you’ll join us today, and get the conversation – and community – flowing!