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What Happens if Your Guest is a No Show?


by Deb Ng

It happens to the best of us, we book a terrific guest and promote the heck out of our upcoming segment. Come air time, the guest is a no-show leaving us feeling frustrated and embarrassed. All isn’t lost because you have an unreliable guest. There are ways of making up for the loss of a special guest, while still putting on a great show. Here are a few things that can help you though the dreaded no show.

First, don’t harp on the missing guest. Explain to your listeners that you’re still waiting on your guest and apologize if necessary, then move on to something else. Your audience still needs to be entertained, with or without a big name.


Always confirm guests, especially featured guests. Contact the publicists, or the guest directly,  the week before, and then the day of the show to make sure there are no surprises – and keep those numbers handy. Sometimes guests forget and need a last minute reminder.

Have a Backup Plan

Create a backup plan and have it handy for the day a guest doesn’t show. This can be having another guest on stand by, a script for a different show topic, music or a taped interview.

Have Some Music Ready to Play “Just in Case”

Playing music has several benefits. First and foremost it soothes your listeners and gives them something to hear while their waiting for the guest to show, or for you to think of something else to talk about. It also allows you some time to make any necessary phone calls or get on Skype and find another guest at the last minute.

Rock the Back Channels

If your guest is a no show, get on your Skype, phone or email and see if you can find someone to be a last minute guest. Twitter is another place to find guests at a moment’s notice.

Reach Out to the BlogTalkRadio Community

Head over to the BlogTalkRadio forums other chat rooms and see who is up to a guest appearance. In a flash, other BlogTalkRadio hosts are always willing to help out.

Give the Very Best Show You Can

Just because a guest doesn’t show doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the very best show you can. Have a backup plan handy and use it for when “just in case” happens.

What do you do when your guest doesn’t show?