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How to Embed the BlogTalkRadio Player on Your Blog or Website

UPDATE: We’ve entered a partnership with Simple Podcast Press that allows you to automate your self-hosted WordPress posts. We’ve negotiated a discount for BTR users.



BlogTalkRadio gives hosts and listeners the opportunity to share our traffic. By embedding our show player on your blog, website, Ning or other page, you can keep listeners on your on site instead of sending them to us. This can be a good way for folks who came upon your site via a search or linkage to give a tentative listen before committing to becoming a regular listener. It’s also a way for non-hosts to share news about a topic. For instance, I post some of BlogTalkRadio’s  food programs on a cooking blog I share with my sisters, and many of the writing shows on my freelance writing network. I’m not the host for any of the shows I embed, but I do think my communities enjoy having a listen. The feedback has been positive. Embedding the player is simple.


Embed the Newest Player on Your Blog or Website

Install the newest BlogTalkRadio player on your blog or website.

Install the newest BlogTalkRadio player on your blog or website.

Our development team is the hardest working crew ever. Right now they’re pulling out all the stops to make your BlogTalkRadio experience more enjoyable and user-friendly.  Plus they’re creating some great tools to help you succeed.

Here’s a case in point: If you look to your show’s profile page you’ll notice a brand new player with code to embed in your blog or website. You’ll also notice the player allows listeners to choose from your last five segments. A nice way to listen to the old as well as new!

Installing the code couldn’t be easier. Simply highlight the code, copy it, and paste it into the desired spot on your blog or website. Now you made it easier for the people who stop by your webpage to listen to what you have to say…and hopefully you’ll gain more new listeners in the process!