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Tidings of Comfort and – Oh, Mama! ‘Obama Girl’ Bids BTR Happy Holidays from Inside the Beltway

Here’s a bit of breaking news we suspect you won’t be reading elsewhere:


"BlogTalkRadio makes America proud," says Amber.

Amber Lee Ettinger – aka “Obama Girl” – has apparently been appointed to President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet!

Don’t believe us?  Well, you need only take a gander at her just-dispatched BarelyPolitical.com holiday card to know we speak the truth.

In it, the Access New York host issues a special address to the BlogTalkRadio family from the, ah, Oval Office, reassuring us – and all of America – that she’s “confident” she and Obama can “fix the country’s problems.”

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In Touch Editor Joins Amber and Kelly for Inside Look at the Gossip Trade

Ever wonder how the celebrity weeklies score those awesome scoops about Britney, Brangelina, TomKat, Paris, Scarlett, J-Lo, Jen, Jessica and company?in-touch-weekly-dec-28-2008

Well, wonder no more because, tonight, Access New York hosts Amber Lee Ettinger and Kelly Brady welcome Marianne Garvey.

Marianne is not only news editor for In Touch Weekly but a former reporter for the New York Post’s legendary Page Six gossip column.

Marianne will reveal how she and her intrepid colleagues dig up dish on the boldest of bold- faced names. She’ll also take you inside this week’s top gossip headlines.

Plus, Amber and Kelly (or should we call them “AmKel”?) deliver their weekly club report.

The delicious duo’s pick?

Tenjune, in Manhattan’s newly-chic Meatpacking District.

Kelly (left) and Amber demonstrate how thrilled they are – to be on BTR.

Kelly (left) and Amber demonstrate how thrilled they are... to be on BTR!

For those of you unfamiliar with this hotspot, all you need to know for the moment is Diddy, Kanye, Fergie and LL Cool J have all popped in unexpectedly to perform, while Demi, Janet and Britney have all chilled in the luxe lounge.

Tenjune’s owner, Mark Birnbaum, will fill you in on what else the club has to offer.

Access New York with Amber & Kelly airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET on BlogTalkRadio.

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Behind the Velvet Rope: Amber and Kelly Reveal How to Access Manhattan’s Hottest New Hotspot

Wanna make it past that bouncer standing guard at the nightclub you’ve been waiting weeks to get into?

What, ME wait in line?

Kate: What, ME wait in line?

Then you’ve clicked on the right blog post.

Because BlogTalkRadio’s newest celebrity hosts – Amber Lee Ettinger and Kelly Brady – will be letting you in on the secrets of getting ushered past the hoard and into the promised land.

On the debut edition of Access New York with Amber & Kelly, the delicious duo welcome Matt Levine, owner of the super-exclusive Eldrige in Manhattan’s East Village – where entrance requires a “laser-engraved entry card.”

Inside the Eldridge – IF you’re lucky enough to get there.

Newly opened this summer, the Eldridge has no bartenders. Instead, those staffers pouring libations are called “butlers.” Ditto waitresses – who are known as “table attendants.”

To date, the luxe lounge, which has a max- imum capacity of 85 people, has roped in such bold-faced names as Kate Moss and Michelle Trachtenberg.

And even though your name may not be quite as bold, Matt will offer you hints on getting into his club, as well as other NYC and LA hot spots.

Access New York with Amber & Kelly
kicks off tonight at 7 p.m. ET.  To listen, click here.


Obama Girl and PoweR Girl Team Up on BlogTalkRadio for Juicy Big Apple Show

You know one of the hosts of BlogTalkRadio’s Access New York as “Obama Girl” – the red-hot brunette who stilled the hearts (and tickled the, ah, funny bones) of countless voters during Election ‘08 with her hit YouTube video, I Got a Crush… on Obama.

Set to set BTR asizzle.

Kelly (left) and Amber: Set to set BTR asizzle.

You know the other as PoweR Girl Kelly, the equally hot blonde who flashed her mettle on the MTV reality show of the same name while planning club openings, launching albums and ushering celebs to press events in her job at uber-flack Lizzie Grubman’s Manhattan PR firm.

Now Amber Lee Ettinger and Kelly Brady are teaming up for a fast-paced peek inside the world’s hottest celebrity scene.

Coming to you live from the Big Apple, these glam gals deliver weekly reviews on their favorite clubs – and the latest dish on those bold-face names they’ve been hanging with.

Their first hot-spot pick? The Eldridge in Manhattan’s ever-hip East Village.

Joining the delicious duo to punctuate their power reports will be a steady stream of celeb guests and media insiders.

Access New York with Amber & Kelly debuts Thursday, Dec. 4 @ 7 p.m. ET.  To listen – or post a pre-launch comment for the heavenly hosts – click here.access-new-york