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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Guilty of Espionage (Though No Need for ‘Censorship’), Allen West Tells ‘AACONS’ Host Marie Stroughter

Leave it to African American Conservatives host Marie Stroughter to get political bigwigs not only talking but making headlines to boot.

Case in point, Allen West, the retired Amy Lt. Colonel who last month was elected the first African American representative from the state of Florida in 134 years.

At around 12 p.m. ET yesterday, the ThinkProgress blog cited Marie’s Dec. 7 interview with the incoming U.S. congressman, namely his position that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is guilty of espionage —and that the American media is complicit in that capital offense.

CAPTION: Allen: Calls for censoring U.S. news outlets that enabled WikiLeaks' classified-documents dump.

Allen: Harshly critical of U.S. news outlets that enabled WikiLeaks' classified-documents dump.

Several hours later, CBS News followed suit, as reporter Lucy Madison wrote that “West called for the censorship of media outlets publishing information obtained by WikiLeaks.”

She also cited comments from his BlogTalkRadio interview:

“‘Regardless of whether or not you think this really does cause any harm, the fact [is] that, here is an individual that is not an American citizen, first and foremost, [who has] for whatever reason gotten his hands on classified American material and has put it out there in the public domain,’ West said, speaking of Continue reading

Newt Gingrich: Not Sure (Just Yet) If He’ll Seek the Oval Office

Will Newt Gingrich have a go at Barack Obama‘s job?

That seems to be the question on a many a GOP mind these days—and a fear lurking in the not-so-distant-future for the Dems.

Interviewed on African American Conservatives, the former House Speaker addresses persistent chatter that he’ll toss his hat into the ring in the 2012 presidential race.

"That gives me a headache even thinking about it," Newt (above) tells us of imagining a Democratic strategy for winning in November.

"That gives me a headache even thinking about it," Newt (above) tells us of imagining a Democratic strategy for winning in November.

“Well, I don’t know quite what we’ll do,” he tells host Marie Stroughter. “We’ll decide that probably next March.

“What I’m focused on is a project we have called 10MillionVoters.com, which is an American solutions project to turn people out this fall, to make sure they go vote,” he continues.

“Because if everybody who agrees with our values goes to vote this fall, we will win a tremendous, stunning election.

“So I’m really not thinking Continue reading

BlogTalkRadio’s ‘Aspiring Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys,’ Says L.A. Times, ‘Take Their Mission Just as Seriously’

The days of BlogTalkRadio being the best-kept secret in conservative chatter are clearly over.

Today—as the Los Angeles Times attests in a story headlined “Aspiring Rush Limbaughs Take to Web Radio”—millions of Americans are turning in to our humble network for news, opinions and information not always given equal (if any) time in the mainstream media.


"It's just turned into a big snowball," Marie (above) tells the Times of her show's popularity.

That while hundreds more are getting behind the mic to give voice to the groundswell of political discontent raging from coast to coast.

Three such citizen broadcasters are Marie Stroughter, host of African-American Conservatives (or AACONS), and Luis Bermudez and Ethan Koelsch, hosts of EJ and the Bear.

Marie, writes the Times, “was frustrated by how few fellow African Americans she saw in conservative politics.

“Along with her husband and a friend she met on the social networking site Twitter, Continue reading